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  melissaml 90f09f5c93 Update the URL in README.md 8 months ago
  Samuel Cassiba 012733beab Rename openstack-chef-repo references to openstack-chef 10 months ago
  Jan Klare 73dfb6249a add new Chef OpenStack Team Logo to README 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 8421080468 Replace obsolete vanity openstack.org URLs 2 years ago
  Flavio Percoco 07d9892d04 Show team and repo badges on README 2 years ago
  Christoph Albers 49d23da167 use_cookbook-openstackclient/identity_v3 2 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba ddad81bf9b Increment apt cookbook to 4.0 2 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 67149f00ff Style and lint fixes to support newer ChefDK 2 years ago
  Jan Klare 79bef2f7ac update the README after refactoring and align it with other cookbooks 3 years ago
  Jens Rosenboom 6ce1eb3be6 Get rid of dependency on python cookbook 3 years ago
  XiaoPei Liu 5140ba531d Allow fixed_key to be configurable in cookbook 4 years ago
  wenchma 46afa0ed92 Sync stackforge/cookbook* to openstack/cookbook* for cinder cookbook 4 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita 12d1c1ab83 Make service name and type configurable 4 years ago
  Lan Qi song 2ea252646d Make enable v1 and v2 api option configurable 4 years ago
  Masaki Matsushita 0fd962dae2 use LVMVolumeDriver as default. 4 years ago
  Lan Qi song cba98483b2 Add support for cinder-backup service 4 years ago
  Jan Klare 16a6af5000 move from bundler to chefdk 4 years ago
  TaoBai c836a99b04 Update cookbook for storwize new features 4 years ago
  lqslan 1a7152c2d9 Raise an error when san private key is missing 4 years ago
  Edwin Wang ab7c43d8ef Add config for IBM FlashSystem 4 years ago
  Sasikanth cf9ec63b94 Update gpfs volume driver path 4 years ago
  Sachi King 5b2b60b319 Add default_volume_type to cinder config 4 years ago
  jun xie f11cea4608 Add glance_ca_certificates_file 4 years ago
  chenxiao 5ebe4b2756 Configure glance_api_insecure and glance_api_servers 4 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel 0adf0c18dc Cleanup cookbook contact info 4 years ago
  chenxiao 5641af2512 Allow cinder authtoken settings to be configurable 4 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel 094e023ccc Add attribute for ibm nas stroage driver ibmnas_platform_type 4 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel 84e52038f8 Allow create volume group with block devices for lvm 5 years ago
  Ionuț Arțăriși 8fde9630ae use new python_packages attributes from -common 5 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel 406f197fd8 Update readme with list of supported volume drivers 5 years ago
  Yi Ming Yin a7bd7eb0ed Add multiple backends support for cinder conf 5 years ago
  shuozhang 8b2ee6face Add support for misc options in cinder.conf 5 years ago
  gengjh 409d883b0f Get the vCenter password from databag for cinder 5 years ago
  Darren Birkett d9eb8eff9f Allow binding locally to different IP than endpoint IP 5 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel e5beee63c1 Remove policy json file 5 years ago
  Sasikanth Eda 5103ccd784 Add IBMNAS driver configuration flags 5 years ago
  Bill Owen c25f1a9024 Add gpfs volume driver configuration flags 5 years ago
  Luis A. Garcia d6e50c9952 Generalize control_exchange attribute 5 years ago
  ericzhou d316106989 Use the library method auth_uri_transform. 5 years ago
  gengjh 2bf874120d Support to configure VMware vCenter VMDK driver cinder volume driver 5 years ago
  Andy McCrae c5e70d1e56 Add volume_clear & volume_clear_size options for LVM 5 years ago
  Mark Vanderwiel 18aba8f49a Add client recipe for block storage 5 years ago
  Andy McCrae ef2cba5c44 Add attribute for notification_driver 5 years ago
  Hugh Saunders fd84d44de5 Remove Berksfile.lock from dev branches 5 years ago
  Luis A. Garcia cb510a048e Add name template attributes 5 years ago
  Luis A. Garcia d2363a7a9c Add Storwize/SVC configuration attributes 5 years ago
  Chen Zhiwei 4fe53e18ca Add DB2 support to cinder on redhat platform 5 years ago
  Matt Ray caff601e2c Rubocop testing of the attributes and testing documentation. 5 years ago
  gengjh a1be978fe1 Create volume group when use the LVMISCSIDriver 5 years ago
  Luis A. Garcia 5a41c7efe1 Add iSCSI connection attributes 5 years ago