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Lance Albertson d50c4ad40d Chef 17 support
- Require Chef >= 16.0
- Enable unified_mode
- Update to latest upstream cookbooks for etcd, mariadb and memcached
- Update copyright years

Change-Id: Ib410ed28388725751a6295c58ce1f5e89c529b28
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2021-10-13 23:28:32 -07:00
Lance Albertson cb78508489 Update to Chef Workstation 21.2.303
Change-Id: I51ecdc5afa9592a334b6b0b8f839eb89ee010a12
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2021-03-08 15:57:53 -08:00
Lance Albertson a45cea15d7 Updates for Train
- Placement service

- Update release to train
- Cookstyle fixes
- Update to mariadb ~> 4.0

- Unused rubocop rules

- ChefSpec for wrapper now correctly works with node.role?

Change-Id: I3e809350541e9c7beab311e5b3e768df1612d9f5
2020-05-29 17:29:10 -07:00
Lance Albertson abab7d0ecb Stein fixes
- Switch to Stein release
- Cookstyle fixes
- Update cookbook etcd to ~> 5.6
- Update README
- Add myself to author list and OSU Copyright
- Properly fix completions recipe and ensure it works
- Create and start the etcd service in the etcd recipe
- Update delivery configuration to exclude integration cookbooks
- Refactor and update RenderConfigFileMatcher to work with newer
  ChefSpec. This fixes output which was passing but showing error

Change-Id: Iba3eeabe85ab9303147e43eeb550212a46d190f3
2020-03-19 10:52:29 -07:00
Samuel Cassiba dc38c475e2 starting rocky development patch
Change-Id: I75d827d383f701da8650cd0e9d1f2501e22cf6a2
2018-08-03 06:20:56 -07:00
Samuel Cassiba b2881c3a80 common refactor for Pike and Chef 13
- changed the default RDBMS to MariaDB in accordance with install docs[0]
- removed deprecated database, apt and yum cookbooks
- incorporated `database' and MySQL-specific abstractions from database
- implemented foodcritic and cookstyle corrections
- deprecated method access for node['foo']['bar'] bracket syntax
- updated default recipe for core apt resource
- use /etc/apt/apt.conf.d on Ubuntu instead of passing the dpkg overrides as
  command line options in every cookbook


Implements blueprint modern-chef

Change-Id: I143e0ed0a2bdd76269fc0c402052696426d96d81
Depends-On: I00e2237cef0c9aa35f78d3ccec04a1c7b9271ce8
Depends-On: I7ee0f5eae4e79e5c70ee8de4a0094a7c34fdd18f
2018-01-11 17:42:41 +00:00
Jan Klare ea0f371412
starting pike development patch
Change-Id: Ie0a45261620dbdf57e3078cbac9a85427540a45a
2017-08-17 14:18:55 +02:00
Samuel Cassiba 479af11fd7 Fixes for Ocata, define socket for MySQL
- bumped chefdk to 1.5
- bumped mariadb to 1.5
- style fixes to make rubocop/foodcritic happy
- rewrote metadata.rb for readability
- removed ancient Gemfile
- removed openshift rubygems mirror since it doesn't help us

Change-Id: I950605f384405b55737af77bc4224f1e18fee8e1
2017-08-02 16:24:48 -04:00
Jan Klare 08521342b1 starting ocata development patch
Change-Id: I89d2c62d5d425a2fd553cdc5b401ebd59645f755
2017-02-23 17:05:57 +01:00
Christoph Albers b6f06c34af Transport url fix
- added possibility to add more then one rabbit host
- edited rubocop constraints due to transport_url complexity

Change-Id: I9540b40c0dba46a62c21242b94089b81921700ca
2017-01-09 04:25:57 +00:00
JJ Asghar 9218fee097 Initial Liberty Updates
MetaData Changes:
- bump metadata version to 12

Other codes changes
- change juno to kilo where appropriate
- rubocop todo file updates
- removed db2 refs

Bootstrap Changes
- Updated to 0.7.0 release of the ChefDK

Change-Id: I65745eae2e430ced0c25e8f05dd490fdad840623
2015-08-28 09:43:49 -05:00
Jan Klare 2aa0ab9115 replaced libraries/database with lwrp
- defined lwrp openstack_common_database
- removed libraries/database.rb
- created _openstack_common_database_spec.rb recipe for testing the
- comments for db2 in provider since this resource does not exist in any
  availabe or linked opensource cookbook
- updated

related-Change-Id: Idb47c9b7e3ce954ddd1a544b71b96eed734e46e5

Change-Id: I1940cd63aa1ae95586e6ecbed9476f7ce5fe19ab
2015-06-08 10:58:13 +02:00
Mark Vanderwiel fc217f6ce4 Cleanup minor rubocop offenses
Cleaned up all the minor rubocop issues, the ones left relate to
complex logic and what I think is a bug in rubocop for nested
vs compact modules/class definitions.

Change-Id: Ic0c0677de44642e0994c0b95a3c270cbd4749b40
2015-06-02 11:45:59 -05:00
Mark Vanderwiel ea8dfaa401 Initial kilo updates
MetaData changes
- bump metadata versions to 11

Gemfile changes
- bump robocop to 0.29.1
- bump chef to 11.18.6  close to 12 but not quite (need infra changes for 12)
- bump berks to 3.2.1 to get fix for running twice (destination already exists)

Rubocop changes
- add .robucop_todo.yml for future cleanup
    - rubocop --auto-gen-config and add an inherit_from: .rubocop_todo.yml in your .rubocop.yml
- add .bundle/**/* to .rubocop.yml
- add .cookbooks/**/* to robocop.yml
- fixup berks-cookbooks/** with /**/*

Changelog changes
- delete Changelog.rb

Other codes changes
- change juno to kilo where appropriate
- cleanup any obvious old deprecated code

Change-Id: I146aa7f7ba4024115c1297103e176a72336fbe5d
Partial-Bug: #1426424
2015-03-04 08:30:52 -06:00