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wenchma 4af09ce9d1 Sync stackforge/cookbook* to openstack/cookbook* for common cookbook
Change-Id: I49c1c2fd911c105a8d3204a351c49ccb05618ba0
Partial-Bug: #1465116
2015-06-15 17:15:53 +08:00
Jan Klare ef40fb0aa5 moving from bundler to chefdk
- deprecated Gemfile
 - updated Rakefile to use 'chef exec' instead of 'bundle exec'
 - updated
 - added fauxhai permission workaround to

Change-Id: I4dfa2082cff38f8d73cf89676215dc7f469fe970
2015-04-27 10:12:20 +02:00
Mark Vanderwiel 775ad40140 Cleanup cookbook contact info
* Consistent email across cookbooks
* Add to help out new folks
* Fix file modes
* Fix broken link in
* Readme tweaks

Change-Id: I5bcf8724b1d8ea9833102f53b21b4c938d4615f0
Partial-Bug: #1342735
2014-10-13 11:31:42 -05:00
Ionuț Arțăriși 80cd4b6e46 add a Rakefile to structure test runs
Having a Rakefile will allow us to change the actual test commands on
our side rather than relying on changes to the openstack-infra
repository. This should make it a lot faster to change things, but also
easier to test since the jenkins jobs are actually run in this
repository, not the openstack-infra one.

This commit defines the jobs we previously had defined in Jenkins and
uses 'high-level' naming consistently (i.e. lint, style vs. foodcritic,

There is also a :clean task to help with deleting the files generated by
the other jobs.

Also changed foodcritic to run on the source cookbook rather than the
one installed by berks, see

Change-Id: I3951f7bf3b474f1b7aab46c16d91a9b431a787bf
blueprint: rakefile
2014-09-29 13:44:38 +02:00
Mark Vanderwiel 198ca3aaa5 Update to factor out Strainer
* remove refs to Strainer
* add steps for testing
* remove knife test as it's not used in gates anymore

Change-Id: I7e83aca7a42e53954aa6aa19609064e23e2ccb37
Partial-Bug: #1350470
2014-08-18 15:33:57 -05:00
Jan Klare a6820173d7 Updated berkshelf to 3.1.5
Updated berkshelf from 2.0.18 to 3.1.5 in Gemfile and added supermarket
source to Berksfile

Change-Id: I4b52e73be3e7db4afd142a6e80b844d667599d8b
Implements: blueprint update-berkshelf
2014-08-15 17:31:47 +02:00
Matt Ray 0fa1154758 Filling out initial rubocop support.
Removing tailor, cleaning up metadata and Gemfile and adding

Change-Id: I193388f59f3265a6a549452fd798ee512f197603
2014-01-08 16:31:35 -06:00