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Lance Albertson d50c4ad40d Chef 17 support
- Require Chef >= 16.0
- Enable unified_mode
- Update to latest upstream cookbooks for etcd, mariadb and memcached
- Update copyright years

Change-Id: Ib410ed28388725751a6295c58ce1f5e89c529b28
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2021-10-13 23:28:32 -07:00
Henrique Santos 455790e1e9 Adds provides method to define name of resources
In Chef Infra Client 16.2, resources have to be named using the provides
method. The resource_name method has not been changed in order to be
compatible with Chef Infra Client <16.2.

Also fix URI.encode and URI.decode deprecations.

Update etcd depends to ~> 6.0 to fix Chef 16 deprecation warnings.

Change-Id: I24be89a3214207bac2df9eb360124871e0d8242f
Closes-Bug: #1886985
Signed-off-by: Henrique Santos <>
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2020-08-27 16:50:23 -07:00
Lance Albertson ea8684d2cf Switch to using mariadb user and database resources
This updates the mariadb cookbook dependency which pulls in mariadb_user
and mariadb_database resources that do not require the mysql2 gem. In
addition, this removes all of the imported mysql libraries and resources.

Other fixes include:
- Rename openstack_common_database resource to openstack_database
- Convert LWRP to a custom resource

Change-Id: I723740b53fe772cf17e65acfb62d5f82e107b7ea
2020-02-27 15:37:45 -08:00
Jan Klare 2aa0ab9115 replaced libraries/database with lwrp
- defined lwrp openstack_common_database
- removed libraries/database.rb
- created _openstack_common_database_spec.rb recipe for testing the
- comments for db2 in provider since this resource does not exist in any
  availabe or linked opensource cookbook
- updated

related-Change-Id: Idb47c9b7e3ce954ddd1a544b71b96eed734e46e5

Change-Id: I1940cd63aa1ae95586e6ecbed9476f7ce5fe19ab
2015-06-08 10:58:13 +02:00