Lance Albertson abab7d0ecb Stein fixes
- Switch to Stein release
- Cookstyle fixes
- Update cookbook etcd to ~> 5.6
- Update README
- Add myself to author list and OSU Copyright
- Properly fix completions recipe and ensure it works
- Create and start the etcd service in the etcd recipe
- Update delivery configuration to exclude integration cookbooks
- Refactor and update RenderConfigFileMatcher to work with newer
  ChefSpec. This fixes output which was passing but showing error

Change-Id: Iba3eeabe85ab9303147e43eeb550212a46d190f3
2020-03-19 10:52:29 -07:00
project.toml Stein fixes 2020-03-19 10:52:29 -07:00