1177 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lance Albertson 5afbf620ad Update to Chef Workstation 21.2.303 1 month ago
  Lance Albertson af47ea6ef5 Cookstyle 6.19.5 fixes 6 months ago
  Lance Albertson d645ef3f5e Chef 16 fixes 8 months ago
  Roger Luethi 5747451dcb Restart apache only where appropriate 9 months ago
  Lance Albertson 6c69ce58b1 Updates for Train 11 months ago
  Lance Albertson 50be0465fe Set threads=1 for api wsgi 1 year ago
  Lance Albertson 2961ebabee Stein fixes 1 year ago
  Lance Albertson 868900d090 Update to apache2 ~> 8.0 cookbook 1 year ago
  Lance Albertson ef4adacafa Improve ChefSpec test speed by enabling caching 1 year ago
  Lance Albertson baa1464918 Updates for rocky 1 year ago
  Jens Harbott a848d54f0f Use python3 packages on Ubuntu 2 years ago
  Lance Albertson 82c5b9a243 Properly notify apache restarts on configuration updates 2 years ago
  Roger Luethi ff074af903 placement_api: create valid apache config before installing package 2 years ago
  Lance Albertson 5d469d044e Fixes to support fog-openstack-1.x 2 years ago
  Jens Harbott 5880fb5975 Stop setting auth_version in DEFAULT section of nova.conf 2 years ago
  Zuul bf0aeae4f5 Merge "Drop admin endpoints" 2 years ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins ce5b375ed3 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 years ago
  Jens Harbott 9fb22fbbed Drop admin endpoints 2 years ago
  Jens Harbott edaf314d29 Fix deployment for Rocky 2 years ago
  ZhijunWei 20fb9a2311 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 2 years ago
  Zuul d9446a64f2 Merge "placement: os_region_name -> region_name" 3 years ago
  Zuul c987bedd01 Merge "Rename attributes: vncserver_* -> server_*" 3 years ago
  Zuul b0cc7a69d5 Merge "Add www_authenticate_uri to keystone_authtoken" 3 years ago
  Roger Luethi 55b58702fa Make nova.conf more readable 3 years ago
  Roger Luethi 6d78224bdb Rename attributes: vncserver_* -> server_* 3 years ago
  Roger Luethi 7053785ecf Add www_authenticate_uri to keystone_authtoken 3 years ago
  Roger Luethi dca0587ce9 placement: os_region_name -> region_name 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 6ac9b3b655 Rename openstack-chef-repo references to openstack-chef 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba f922173a34 starting rocky development patch 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 79b76424f3 Use internal identity endpoint for services 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 4992010231 Convert Nova APIs to WSGI services 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 3a4c7f6b6f Simplify identity endpoint 3 years ago
  Jens Harbott ad3d1c3c65 Refactor libvirtd.conf creation 3 years ago
  Zuul 2c1e4d9822 Merge "cleanup attribute leftovers that are not used anymore" 3 years ago
  Zuul 1f93a5962a Merge "fix libvirtd service naming and env file for debian" 3 years ago
  Jan Klare 8ed820e319
fix libvirtd service naming and env file for debian 3 years ago
  Jan Klare ad88dc2a78
cleanup attribute leftovers that are not used anymore 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 2252e2d80d Add delivery config 3 years ago
  Jan Klare 2434b03f7d
remove all ceph related attributes,recipes,specs and the cookbook dependency 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 0bef2dc3fc starting queens development patch and use git.openstack.org 3 years ago
  James E. Blair 28fe28e8dd Zuul: Remove project name 3 years ago
  Zuul c8e1159e59 Merge "compute refactor for Pike and Chef 13" 3 years ago
  Jan Klare 1033a5f7e7 rename web_app placement-api to nova-placement-api to align with package 3 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba 859fc5df20 compute refactor for Pike and Chef 13 3 years ago
  Jens Harbott b1f166b674 Fix creation of cell0 3 years ago
  Roger Luethi d82d6a9f7c Remove domain role from nova, placement service users 3 years ago
  Roger Luethi cb414a9655 Remove superfluous role_name arguments 3 years ago
  Jens Harbott 0a68301c65 Add native zuul v3 jobs defined in openstack-chef-repo 3 years ago
  Seb-Solon 638c651975 Replace platform_family method and use attribute instead 4 years ago
  Samuel Cassiba cbe2ef6647 Initial compute Pike updates 4 years ago