25 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Samuel Cassiba 766e9fba5c Stop iptables from being enabled by force 10 months ago
  Elliott Davis 64fd769eb5 Removed all files not needed by the neutron cookbook 4 years ago
  Wei Tie 4f3f0b729d L3 agent migration should only choose enabled agent 4 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp 7ef149c5c7 neutron-ha-tool: fix some cosmetic flake8 issues 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp 553937edd6 neutron-ha-tool: Add ssl options 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp a8f824c885 neutron-ha-tool: Fix return values of agent_(alive|dead)_id_list 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp b115d88326 Add --quiet option to neutron-ha-tool 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp 701a07e24f Have neutron-ha-tool use the internal neutron endpoint 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp c202bb725f Fix indentation error in neutron-ha-tool 5 years ago
  Ionuț Arțăriși 1ab0e472b5 fix flake8 problems in neutron-ha-tool 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp ae6cdb70d2 neutron-ha-tool: Use a non-zero exit code when a migration is needed 5 years ago
  Ralf Haferkamp 2ff4fa9168 Add new command line switch --now 5 years ago
  gengjh 8eaa0eab1f Delete the rootwrap.d filters 5 years ago
  gengjh 6cda0639c3 Support neutron configuration 5 years ago
  Kevin Bringard e8c6ff46d4 Add ovs-dpctl-top tool for better troubleshooting 5 years ago
  Alan Meadows 802f414f26 Add takeover delay to quantum-ha-tool 5 years ago
  Alan Meadows f167c17cf4 Add NIC offload disable feature 5 years ago
  Alan Meadows 8ccb4fa063 Add syslog logging to quantum-ha-tool 5 years ago
  Alan Meadows 63cc909530 Fix bugs with quantum-ha-tool 5 years ago
  Alan Meadows 3c97dc59f5 Add high availability tool for neutron networking 5 years ago
  Alan Meadows e31a3c4eab initial commit of working cookbook-openstack-network 5 years ago