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Lance Albertson 5e26af7d04 CentOS 8 support
- Update ChefSpec

Change-Id: I832a910d9054c2ddfde28ed2522efe7c0f414588
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2021-10-22 10:47:21 -07:00
Lance Albertson ee28b08a57 Chef 17 support
- Require Chef >= 16.0
- Update to latest upstream mariadb cookbook
- Update copyright years

Change-Id: I4b0417acb75f10dd9a1c0a22fadcd1d849f045b9
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2021-10-14 09:01:42 -07:00
Ghanshyam Mann d3adbb3e93 Moving IRC network reference to OFTC
Change-Id: I1f84712218d4c6f4213516d2d893e48211424659
2021-07-08 08:18:52 -05:00
Lance Albertson afa93c0e6a Update to Chef Workstation 21.2.303
Change-Id: I4bc1fd17ebb62d8f134100a2f4e521b486abe0e0
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2021-03-08 16:12:34 -08:00
Christoph Albers 7190cf204c
fix gather data for data interface
- get information from the actual node attributes instead of the
  executing node

Change-Id: I2f65f28802581184cd47e7c37d21dd71e97a2c3f
2021-01-25 11:12:56 +01:00
Zuul fd0bdcb7e5 Merge "Add notify to mariadb_galera_configuration" 2020-10-13 05:20:58 +00:00
Jens Harbott 66135da448 Add notify to mariadb_galera_configuration
Need to trigger a restart after changing the galera configuration.

Change-Id: Ie148e8dce2e945ea956f6521c04bfc031f9da3f2
2020-10-12 12:36:10 +02:00
Lance Albertson f3c9fca120 Cookstyle 6.19.5 fixes
Change-Id: Ia379098ac40eee7a6627fe10b9320ff59468391f
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2020-10-05 17:04:22 -07:00
Christoph Albers 6ae2f275b1
mariadb server config utilization
- allow overriding of some common config options

Change-Id: Ie832477216df5c1b0b94d75ba1ee6cc1bf968219
2020-09-22 11:55:37 +02:00
Jens Harbott 7ed8573899 Fix mariadb repo setup
Instead of always creating the mariadb default repository we should
only do it when requested by the node environment.

Do this implicitly via the mariadb_*_install resources that have
an option to decide whether a repo should be set up or not.

Change-Id: I4f62dd7a7df247ddb787553bef58ca81d8e062fb
2020-09-17 10:09:14 +02:00
Lance Albertson 0b08fc6142 Chef 16 updates
Change-Id: Ic6385a7cb14d1f036b0cf1a6d92ecf5930f271fb
Signed-off-by: Lance Albertson <>
2020-08-27 15:11:59 -07:00
Christoph Albers 75e4ccfae2
fix mariadb galera config
- the mariadb config looks for the first address on the wsrep_node_address_interface
  this will lead to missconfigurations when using virtual IPs - drop it
- mariadb uses when wsrep_node_incoming_address not defined bind-address
  or wsrep-node-address in that order. Since bind-address has to be
  defined by our cookbook logic, the drop of
  wsrep_node_address_interface is no problem

Change-Id: Ic3442522e8f6e02244e653017b6d161a96412425
2020-08-05 12:26:55 +02:00
Lance Albertson 38d0a27c66 Updates for Train
- Update release to train
- Update to mariadb ~> 4.0

- Migrate to using Chef::Log.warn instead of the log resource to fix
  idempotency issues.
- Cookstyle

- Unused .rubocop.yml

Change-Id: Ia705cf4fb00098ba5d34f22268c0e409b82580a0
2020-05-29 17:13:44 -07:00
Dr. Jens Harbott 601c814995 Fix mariadb-cluster-server recipe
The hadn't been changed yet to use the resources provided by the new
mariadb cookbook. Also add spec testing.

Change-Id: Ib49cab07c06c4441ae811ca811f614e303024b0b
2020-04-07 14:34:39 +00:00
Lance Albertson c72c025288 Remove support for mysql
Upstream distributions have settled on using MariaDB instead of MySQL
and it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain on our end. As
such, we're removing support from this cookbook for MySQL and only leave
MariaDB as the supported platform.

Change-Id: I104de18ecab5ba64f08fd39314e565ab0483c558
2020-03-30 13:50:33 -07:00
Lance Albertson 93e7380abf Stein fixes
- Cookstyle fixes
- Update documentation
- Add myself as an author and add OSU for Copyright
- Update delivery configuration to exclude integration cookbooks

Change-Id: Ib2ccf949d5f5bced0f6efd32b09780469316b831
2020-03-19 10:56:43 -07:00
Lance Albertson 8747a1cf96 Update to latest mariadb cookbook
This updates us to a new resource driven mariadb cookbook which
simplifies how we manage mysql. Other changes:

- Update to using MariaDB 10.3 instead of 10.1 as we need this for Stein
- Update attributes so they work better with the
  mariadb_server_configuration resource
- Remove use of the mysql2_chef_gem cookbook as it's no longer needed
  and causes issues with newer versions of MariaDB and MySQL.
- Remove use of the openstack.cnf template since we can add all
  configuration using the mariadb_server_configuration resource
- Remove RHEL mariadb-server ChefSpec as it's not needed
- Update openstack-db recipe to use the openstack_database resource
  instead of the openstack_common_database resource which was renamed

Change-Id: Ia5b401cafcdf57aa84e090c745bd3e517c7251bf
2020-02-28 11:45:42 -08:00
Lance Albertson ceccaadf8a Set Berksfile to use ruby solver
This provides much better debugging output.

Change-Id: I1a738e6f951b12b54bbc2eaf61d5b01ab70a1203
2020-01-23 16:49:25 -08:00
Lance Albertson 0971f7a8a1 Use Ubuntu 18.04 for ChefSpec tests
Change-Id: Iae639349a798264dc960dbf79568674a993cb87b
2020-01-06 11:41:11 -08:00
Lance Albertson 1633b31586 Improve ChefSpec test speed by enabling caching
This updates all references of let(:chef_run) to cached(:chef_run) to speed up
tests. By doing this, we have to create a new cached(:chef_run) block whenever
we need to adjust node attributes for testing. In addition, add missing spec
file for mysql-client-redhat.

Speed was been improved from 27.66 seconds to 20.78 seconds.

Change-Id: I8c095bb4ca298255e09fd59d0e43878423693636
2019-12-07 17:12:54 -08:00
Lance Albertson db48ab1fdc Updates for rocky
- Replace with
- Update some documentation
- Move to README.rst for better rendering
- Drop obsolete script
- Adopt default mysql dir from updated cookbook

Change-Id: I94a066975fe00a29ff6731021767b1eda294ba44
2019-12-06 10:38:09 +00:00
inspurericzhang f39188d0c6 Replace with
Change-Id: I033570baaaac7b472cceb7689baca99257716e92
2019-11-19 18:19:32 +08:00
OpenDev Sysadmins 7fc39a0e8d OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:37:17 +00:00
Zuul b3eaefbd80 Merge "Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss" 2019-01-08 16:27:53 +00:00
ZhijunWei 3b3bdaa148 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
Depends-On: I8efc34c220fec59826bbea51e3ebf3fbc0e5b530
Change-Id: Ic10822af372abdda7944496ad4f026b55f4d8d63
2018-12-21 05:57:46 +00:00
Samuel Cassiba 0eec9ecac8 Chef 14 stable release updates and fixes
This change corrects some of the issues with resource naming[1] as well
as prunes some failing unit tests that would be obsoleted with the changes
in the service renaming[2].


Depends-On: Ic2b6d8f1cdf719791faaebdbd7e29e789eb3f31c
Change-Id: I8efc34c220fec59826bbea51e3ebf3fbc0e5b530
2018-12-20 21:45:30 -08:00
Samuel Cassiba 312401ff65 Rename openstack-chef-repo references to openstack-chef
Change-Id: Ib9f5d5bb18777fe820564c5432656bf0aeae30e3
2018-08-06 21:50:09 -07:00
Samuel Cassiba e302e88e25 starting rocky development patch
Change-Id: If050a2d628edce724031bb19deb45f196ceb4a66
2018-08-03 06:28:33 -07:00
Samuel Cassiba 2fd2b86adb Increase default connect timeout for mariadb
The mariadb cookbook imposes a default connect_timeout of 5 seconds.
This is too aggressive for services to initialize, and they error as a
result. To avoid such problems, mariadb should allow for a higher
threshold before timing out a connecting service. This change raises
that timeout to 30 seconds to be more graceful for services warming up.

Change-Id: I70775929dc49ed8c00a23bc7e354ebf9e9feb7f0
2018-06-14 13:23:19 +00:00
Samuel Cassiba d55863cde8 Add delivery config
Change-Id: Ie428e7872ea1ed02ab080fe7778082f5255bb6ed
Implements: blueprint deprecate-rakefiles
2018-04-11 22:37:10 -07:00
Samuel Cassiba f5e2e58c4e starting queens development patch and use
* use instead of github for berks dependency

Change-Id: I0b73ea2e711d996f886000f584d350c581571610
2018-03-06 09:01:53 -08:00
James E. Blair 18fefbe962 Zuul: Remove project name
Zuul no longer requires the project-name for in-repo configuration.
Omitting it makes forking or renaming projects easier.

Change-Id: Iadc889634b06072846a1607f2ae68c1533742ffe
2018-01-31 22:34:06 -08:00
Jens Harbott 3731993f6a Add receipes for mariadb cluster deployment
After removal of the percona cluster receipes, add support for deploying
a galera-based mariadb cluster instead.

Change-Id: I7e4d0fc804be242302d2e7b7202159d4b7ba8c97
2018-01-12 10:24:20 +00:00
Samuel Cassiba 45a1623cb2 ops-database refactor for Pike and Chef 13
- implemented foodcritic and cookstyle corrections
- deprecated method access for node['foo']['bar'] bracket syntax
- removed deprecated postgresql support
- removed percona-cluster as the Percona cookbook has not been touched since 2015
- switched default rdbms to mariadb[0]

This change was largely born out of a discussion in #sous-chefs on the Chef
Community Slack. The notion of using the vendor-provided package is preferred
in the Chef Community versus the distro version if possible, due to
inconsistencies in outcome. As a result, this cookbook focuses on MariaDB, and
specifically from


Implements blueprint modern-chef

Change-Id: I7ee0f5eae4e79e5c70ee8de4a0094a7c34fdd18f
2018-01-11 10:36:09 -08:00
Jens Harbott d84c9a56ef Add native zuul v3 jobs defined in openstack-chef-repo
Change-Id: I0b6e4d83aadbc15782bcb0c0653849937f1d7307
2017-11-02 10:45:03 +00:00
Samuel Cassiba b876cd00e5 Initial ops-database Pike updates
- Switched default linter to cookstyle
- Renamed rake tasks to better conform with Chef conventions
- Normalized template banner

Change-Id: I76bdb4149965ab7b23709762559bd6c71753cc8b
2017-08-25 09:58:14 -04:00
Jan Klare 7d5c0216b1
starting pike development patch
Change-Id: I5955ae670fd4a87a7800203b7a9ba942bd7cc8eb
2017-08-17 14:19:40 +02:00
Samuel Cassiba fe6a3d552c Style and lint fixes for chefdk, deprecated Gemfile
- Style and lint fixes for newer chefdk
- Removed ancient Gemfile
- Rewrote metadata.rb for readability
- Adapted mariadb recipe for newer mysql2_chef_gem

Change-Id: I3112615cec3dd80c63779d164893b4171773856c
Depends-On: I950605f384405b55737af77bc4224f1e18fee8e1
2017-08-02 13:26:22 -04:00
Jan Klare 8f514568cd add new Chef OpenStack Team Logo to README
Change-Id: Ifa2e56bf52dfe5e08969242086bfeb59a6e5d1f8
2017-05-29 10:53:08 +02:00
Jan Klare e3e7d54dad starting ocata development patch
Change-Id: I6e98a1403732852e8dbf3ccfa436723ef696eeb5
2017-02-23 17:06:55 +01:00
Jan Klare f61fca474d remove old chefdk fix for
Change-Id: I0717e97c3effaffebb19e63ec6a78f2e1b7aa80d
2016-12-14 15:28:29 +01:00
Flavio Percoco fb9a35d6db Show team and repo badges on README
This patch adds the team's and repository's badges to the README file.
The motivation behind this is to communicate the project status and
features at first glance.

For more information about this effort, please read this email thread:

To see an example of how this would look like check:

Change-Id: Ib3381a187bfd8b2d1eef352471530d12584bc4f3
2016-12-08 08:19:46 +00:00
Jan Klare c07b0f75fa update cookbook dependencies for next release
Depends-On: Ib256c315d5439beb8d4ec83c5cc7d7c9b182378a
Change-Id: I50df0befac140660d58eccb939d33a83edbb441c
2016-12-07 11:24:03 +01:00
Samuel Cassiba eb3c4081f1 Incremented MySQL to 5.7 for Ubuntu
- mysql default version is 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04
- included mysql devel headers for mysql2
- incremented mysql cookbook to 8.0
- incremented database cookbook to 6.0
- pinned mysql2 gem at 0.4.4

Depends-On: I57c8729e8732161ac34caa85259de8264e99c56d
Implements blueprint newton-xenial

Change-Id: I8ee882d5b154ec0d319e6c4186ebf9f8ae68f269
2016-10-18 23:19:32 -07:00
Jan Klare 6cdfe56ea2 increase mysql max_connections
* increase mysql max_connections from 151 to 307 to avoid mysql errors
  in integration tests

Change-Id: I831998cace276fa7b5889e15f1ad938903d0d410
2016-10-11 13:01:37 +02:00
Sharat Sharma 2c9f3dfd3c Fixed the typo of UTF-8 which is leading to errors
Change-Id: I47fc15034861b55b1650f82d74e9581ab51f0b50
Closes-Bug: #1624094
2016-10-03 17:16:34 +05:30
Samuel Cassiba 3a0d36aa5a Increment mysql cookbook version
- Bump mysql to 7.2
- Bump mysql2_chef_gem to 1.1.0
- Work around
- fixes minor bug in postgres-server_spec and server_spec

Change-Id: I6e906c5fad0360a7d9718fc5d5cda2983c3b768e
Depends-On: I07ad79a93642d0f0c934a864fcb9bcd7b764e35f
Implements: blueprint newton-xenial
2016-09-27 19:53:51 +00:00
Samuel Cassiba 57042a006e Style and lint fixes to support newer ChefDK
Change-Id: I7b8521a85bace612911f967fe4e35269b7b47034
Depends-On: I6ce4587caa3ae68ddbd3ef1a521aaf46f4840b2c
2016-07-01 18:10:31 -07:00
Jan Klare 88b1e879f2 initial commit for the newton development cycle
Change-Id: Ifa685eb0cc8698ceab0da0c434137f3477623b4e
2016-05-31 10:42:15 +02:00
Jan Klare 794dc2050a percona cluster nodes should be sorted
* the nodes written to the my.conf returned from search should be sorted to
  avoid restarting mysql just because reordering the nodes in the template

Change-Id: I3cd70ca818be18f926b384feb1a592cb3b137ccd
2016-03-14 11:58:40 +01:00