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Lance Albertson ceccaadf8a Set Berksfile to use ruby solver
This provides much better debugging output.

Change-Id: I1a738e6f951b12b54bbc2eaf61d5b01ab70a1203
2020-01-23 16:49:25 -08:00
inspurericzhang f39188d0c6 Replace with
Change-Id: I033570baaaac7b472cceb7689baca99257716e92
2019-11-19 18:19:32 +08:00
Samuel Cassiba f5e2e58c4e starting queens development patch and use
* use instead of github for berks dependency

Change-Id: I0b73ea2e711d996f886000f584d350c581571610
2018-03-06 09:01:53 -08:00
Samuel Cassiba 45a1623cb2 ops-database refactor for Pike and Chef 13
- implemented foodcritic and cookstyle corrections
- deprecated method access for node['foo']['bar'] bracket syntax
- removed deprecated postgresql support
- removed percona-cluster as the Percona cookbook has not been touched since 2015
- switched default rdbms to mariadb[0]

This change was largely born out of a discussion in #sous-chefs on the Chef
Community Slack. The notion of using the vendor-provided package is preferred
in the Chef Community versus the distro version if possible, due to
inconsistencies in outcome. As a result, this cookbook focuses on MariaDB, and
specifically from


Implements blueprint modern-chef

Change-Id: I7ee0f5eae4e79e5c70ee8de4a0094a7c34fdd18f
2018-01-11 10:36:09 -08:00
wenchma 069d3c0d8b Sync stackforge/cookbook* to openstack/cookbook* for ops-database cookbook
Change-Id: I1234478c8ab88607cd919634bfaedc3a31dea76d
Partial-Bug: #1465116
2015-06-16 11:44:55 +08:00
Paul Czarkowski 8bb22ea20c point berkshelf at
Change-Id: I47b4c1f526490eb970b79aa0b2babe2f4af28358
2015-02-16 19:51:00 -06:00
Jan Klare de25e0669c Updated berkshelf to 3.1.5
Updated berkshelf from 2.0.18 to 3.1.5 in Gemfile and added supermarket source to Berksfile

Change-Id: Ic3bfec5014340b270266c3d49e53499c3b1e1b72
Implements: blueprint update-berkshelf
2014-08-18 09:57:45 +02:00
galstrom21 377802cfff Cleaning up berks/metadata dependencies
Change-Id: I5a24fbbe8c5bb33646fcffd83971ce4fe982a14c
2014-02-17 12:08:25 +00:00
hanzhf 6ef16628e5 Add supoort for heat
Pending on review:
1) Add dependency for openstack orchestration cookbook
2) Create heat database
3) Add testcase for heat database creation
Implements: blueprint heat-support

Change-Id: I99caa16f62945b8063f142d3897db8509248a0e8
2014-01-15 11:12:49 +08:00
Hyunsun Moon cf8e48039b Replace ceilometer reference from openstack-compute to openstack-metering
Fix errors due to removed reference of openstack-compute ceilometer.
* add openstack-metering to metadata.rb
* add openstack-metering to Berksfile
* replace attr name from compute to metering

Change-Id: I2047fe226840d136e99bcc49970043476ffb2dbd
2013-08-08 19:43:49 +09:00
John Dewey 8e76788b4c Moved database table, user, grants creation
This cookbook should handle the creation of tables, users, grants
for use with OpenStack.  Once this is merged, will remove the
db recipe from each cookbook.

Change-Id: I309c4d0fedc8c78f779dbd17b265bfa7e78ffd89
2013-06-26 19:33:31 -07:00
John Dewey 6e0df1d809 Prep work before adding each db recipe
Brought in openstack-common as a dep.  Updated the tests to
better match what the recipes are doing (added tests where
missing).  Updated attributes to match the format of our other
cookbooks.  This is mostly some cleanups, to prepare for features.
Since this cookbook is not in use, made a larger commit than
would have if adding functionality to a released cookbook.  Also,
upgraded to new Berkshelf which handles locking to cookbooks properly.

Change-Id: I8e4123d30012a9890ce3029184e1396d2083a6f1
2013-06-25 18:12:21 -07:00
Jay Pipes 27911c00eb Brings in Matt's openstack-ops-database work
Just bring in Matt's original work on the ops-database

Corrects what I think was a typo for the database service
role name attribute from openstack::role::database to

Brings in Berksfile and Gemfile and stubbed specs to pass
gates. Also sets version to 7.0.0 to match semantic versions
of openstack project cookbooks.

Change-Id: Idc02435ff7d3ff4b8a04c2bfc5abbb1e3091cb68
2013-05-29 12:36:07 -04:00