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OpenStack Chef Cookbook - ops-database



This cookbook provides a reference example of database configuration for the OpenStack deployment provided by Chef for OpenStack. It currently supports MariaDB.


  • Chef 16 or higher
  • Chef Workstation 21.10.640 for testing (also includes Berkshelf for cookbook dependency resolution)


  • ubuntu
  • redhat
  • centos


The following cookbooks are dependencies:

  • 'mariadb', '~> 5.0'
  • 'openstack-common', '~> 20.0.0'


The usage of this cookbook is optional, you may choose to set up your own databases without using this cookbook. If you choose to do so, you will need to do the following:

  • create the schema specified by the openstack-db recipe.
  • create and upload encrypted data bags into your chef environment, as specified by #get_password in the openstack-db recipe.







  • Installs client packages for the database used by the deployment.


  • Installs and configures server packages for the database used by the deployment.


  • Installs MariaDB client packages.


  • Installs and configures MariaDB server packages.


  • Installs MariaDB Cluster client packages.


  • Installs and configures MariaDB Cluster server packages.


  • Creates necessary tables, users, and grants for OpenStack.


The following attributes are defined in attributes/database.rb of the common cookbook, but are documented here due to their relevance:

  • openstack['endpoints']['db']['host'] - The IP address to bind the database service to
  • openstack['endpoints']['db']['port'] - The port to bind the database service to
  • openstack['endpoints']['db']['bind_interface'] - The interface name to bind the database service to
  • openstack['db']['root_user_key'] - The key used to retrieve the root user password; the key is both the name of the data-bag item and name of the key containing the password value within the data-bag item. This is defined in Common.

If the value of the bind_interface attribute is non-nil, then the database service will be bound to the first IP address on that interface. If the value of the bind_interface attribute is nil, then the database service will be bound to the IP address specified in the host attribute.

See the attributes mysql.rb file for the mysql specific attributes that are available.

For more information see:


Please refer to the for instructions for testing the cookbook.


Berks will resolve version requirements and dependencies on first run and store these in Berksfile.lock. If new cookbooks become available you can run berks update to update the references in Berksfile.lock. Berksfile.lock will be included in stable branches to provide a known good set of dependencies. Berksfile.lock will not be included in development branches to encourage development against the latest cookbooks.

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