Chef Cookbook - OpenStack Telemetry
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Installs the OpenStack Metering service Ceilometer as part of the OpenStack reference deployment Chef for OpenStack. Ceilometer is currently installed from packages.





  • Installs agent central service.


  • Installs agent compute service.


  • Installs API service.


  • Install the client packages


  • Installs nova network service.


  • Common metering configuration.


  • Registers the endpoints with Keystone.



Please refer to the for instructions for testing the cookbook.


Berks will resolve version requirements and dependencies on first run and store these in Berksfile.lock. If new cookbooks become available you can run berks update to update the references in Berksfile.lock. Berksfile.lock will be included in stable branches to provide a known good set of dependencies. Berksfile.lock will not be included in development branches to encourage development against the latest cookbooks.

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