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songwenping ce88d4edc1 Add tags to .gitignore 2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann af49d0b30a Change default policy file from JSON to YAML 2 years ago
chenke 5751cebaa2 Exclude cyborg tests dir in UT cover report 3 years ago
chenke 9dcbbb33bc Enable openstack-cover-jobs in zuul check for cyborg 3 years ago
Xinran Wang fdeceed353 Notify Nova when all ARQs are resolved for an instance. 3 years ago
Yumeng Bao 3cb5c38edb Docs: Autogenerate config documentation 4 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan e76f2a5f90 Switch to stestr 4 years ago
Nguyen Van Trung e4179de2a8 Improve .gitignore for project 4 years ago
Xinran WANG d5088b7474 Introduce Cyborg Resource Quota -- Usage Part 4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 6765d265b2 Remove ChangeLog 5 years ago
zhipengh fe04417036 Add release pkg related files 5 years ago
zhuli c6c5ca042f add policy support 5 years ago
jkilpatr 85ac496ff6 Cyborg deployment script 5 years ago
jkilpatr 90799f60c8 Add basic gitignore file 5 years ago