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OpenStack Release Bot 548c5f8f09 Update master for stable/zed 2 weeks ago
songwenping 14ae896e16 doc: Comment out language option 1 month ago
zhangbailin 68c558645c Drop py3.6 and py3.7 from Cyborg 4 months ago
songwenping 82255a0e09 Add ARQ_UNBIND_FAILED status for ARQ 7 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot aa13eea5f6 Update master for stable/yoga 7 months ago
ericxiett 2c2ab34ee3 Add xilinx fpga driver 7 months ago
ericxiett cde7b78e22 Get device profile by name 11 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot 52227ace60 Update master for stable/xena 1 year ago
songwenping 05f88530a3 Delete trait from placement 1 year ago
zhangbailin d9233bc429 Switch using Launchpad instead of Storyboard 1 year ago
OpenStack Release Bot 851dcfc79e Update master for stable/wallaby 2 years ago
zhangbailin 19b7d147ea Add NVMe SSD driver 2 years ago
Yumeng Bao 0605fe39fd support configuring multiple vgpu types in cyborg 2 years ago
Xinran Wang e3caf5cb0a Add intel NIC driver 2 years ago
yangyawei 39d51a0a86 remove unicode from code 2 years ago
Yumeng Bao bdc1aab530 Add releasenote for policy refresh base and device profile policies 2 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot 8966c5796d Update master for stable/victoria 2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann af49d0b30a Change default policy file from JSON to YAML 2 years ago
Shogo Saito 5435d293c9 Add releasenote for programming method 2 years ago
Xinran Wang c39d18041a Add releasenote for Intel QAT driver. 2 years ago
songwenping 05f762b8f9 Add Inspur FPGA driver releasenote 2 years ago
songwenping fd18064c11 Add releasenote for add project_id for arq patch api 2 years ago
Monty Taylor 9b99e56c67 Remove deprecated 2 years ago
Yumeng Bao 7ee7de1ec9 Remove OPAE dependency in devstack 2 years ago
zhangbailin 981d37cfc7 Enable openstackdocs config to storyboard 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger eef6ddd62d Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 2 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot dae645bbf2 Update master for stable/ussuri 2 years ago
Xinran WANG 07a8e30f76 Introduce microversion 3 years ago
zhangbailin 002e31a129 Add 'description' field to the device profile object 3 years ago
Yumeng Bao d765a344ee Introduce bandit security linter 3 years ago
Arthur Dayne 6b9ab023e1 Stop testing python2.7 3 years ago
pengyuesheng e8b3051254 Bump the openstackdocstheme extension to 1.20 3 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot eea67513c2 Update master for stable/train 3 years ago
Yumeng Bao 45ade8a10b Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg. 3 years ago
ljhuang b8103b4394 Sync Sphinx requirement 3 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot cb581755e7 Update master for stable/stein 4 years ago
whoami-rajat 79e8f86aa0 Add cyborg-status upgrade check command framework 4 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot b812e2cd13 Update reno for stable/rocky 4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 5b4b9a382c It's releasenotes - plural 5 years ago
zhipengh 50e6fcdf81 queens release doc fix part 2 5 years ago
zhipengh 2e78e10e5a queens release doc fix part 1 5 years ago
zhipengh 5ec3ce69a3 Add Release Notes and Architecture Docs 5 years ago