Acceleration Management
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Zuul 106f023573 Merge "Add xilinx fpga driver" 1 month ago
add-programming-method-051b9c4244c35c71.yaml Add releasenote for programming method 2 years ago
add-project_id-to-arq-patch-api-8270cbb26c68af46.yaml Add releasenote for add project_id for arq patch api 2 years ago
add-xilinx-fpga-driver-1c98c6a95d8e1f9b.yaml Add xilinx fpga driver 7 months ago
add_ARQ_UNBIND_FAILED_status-ea8636c64dd616eb.yaml Add ARQ_UNBIND_FAILED status for ARQ 7 months ago
add_description_to_device_profile-3c2efcbd54dac7b0.yaml Add 'description' field to the device profile object 3 years ago
basic-framework-28d6b42d9bf684af.yaml It's releasenotes - plural 5 years ago
bug-1928174-delete_trait_from_placement-266caf73cf289759.yaml Delete trait from placement 1 year ago
configure-multiple-vgpu-types-a60d09dfb5b7be4b.yaml support configuring multiple vgpu types in cyborg 2 years ago
cyborg-nova-interaction-8fe4e49e3c9b3b7b.yaml It's releasenotes - plural 5 years ago
cyborg-status-upgrade-check-framework-567f8df30b971f13.yaml Add cyborg-status upgrade check command framework 4 years ago
drop-py-3-6-and-3-7--37951d4a79dffdbd.yaml Drop py3.6 and py3.7 from Cyborg 4 months ago
drop-python2-support-in-ussuri-e64f79db4e88ca19.yaml Stop testing python2.7 3 years ago
fpga-driver-8b1635e92b1297c1.yaml Add releasenote for Intel QAT driver. 2 years ago
generic-driver-88427acd7c7c12df.yaml It's releasenotes - plural 5 years ago
implement_oslo_privsep-4fc6e15360c92772.yaml Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg. 3 years ago
inspur-fpga-driver-0257d2aeda9537fb.yaml Add Inspur FPGA driver releasenote 2 years ago
inspur-nvme-ssd-faeddc0b09250acc.yaml Add NVMe SSD driver 2 years ago
intel-nic-driver-f93adad86a23ceb9.yaml Add intel NIC driver 2 years ago
intel-qat-driver-a7b4c8f110d41e0b.yaml Add releasenote for Intel QAT driver. 2 years ago
introduce-bandit-security-linter-339d3f12b6200d64.yaml Introduce bandit security linter 3 years ago
introduce-microversion-39c7f5cc6af4a139.yaml Introduce microversion 3 years ago
policy-file-default-value-change-de14a3688357b081.yaml Change default policy file from JSON to YAML 2 years ago
policy_refresh_base_and_device_profile-cef00fca580d2323.yaml Add releasenote for policy refresh base and device profile policies 2 years ago
remove-OPAE-dependency-from-devstack-f6db83bb37761340.yaml Remove OPAE dependency in devstack 2 years ago
removed-download-modules-540fa0607d7df967.yaml Remove deprecated 2 years ago
show-device-profile-with-name-27bf5a301a631c04.yaml Get device profile by name 11 months ago
spdk-driver-89b178e1a2db29c0.yaml It's releasenotes - plural 5 years ago