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minversion = 1.6
envlist = py27,pep8,py35
skipsdist = True
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
usedevelop = True
install_command = pip install -c{env:UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:} {opts} {packages}
deps = -r{toxinidir}/test-requirements.txt
commands = ostestr --slowest {posargs}
whitelist_externals = bash
passenv = *_proxy *_PROXY
commands = oslo_debug_helper {posargs}
basepython = python2.7
commands = oslo_debug_helper {posargs}
basepython = python3.5
commands = oslo_debug_helper {posargs}
commands =
flake8 {posargs}
# Run security linter
bandit -c bandit.yaml -r glare -n5 -p gate
basepython = python2.7
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
commands =
coverage erase
python testr --coverage --testr-args='^(?!.*test.*coverage).*$' --omit="*/test*"
commands = {posargs}
commands =
oslo-config-generator --config-file etc/oslo-config-generator/glare.conf
sitepackages = False
envdir = {toxworkdir}/venv
commands =
oslopolicy-sample-generator --namespace=glare --output-file=etc/policy.yaml.sample
basepython = python2.7
commands = python build_sphinx
commands = bandit -c bandit.yaml -r glare -n5 -p gate
# TODO(dmllr): Analyze or fix the warnings blacklisted below
# H404 multi line docstring should start with a summary
# H405 multi line docstring summary not separated with an empty line
ignore = H404,H405
exclude = .venv,.git,.tox,dist,doc,etc,*glare/locale*,*lib/python*,*egg,build
local-check-factory = glare.hacking.checks.factory
import_exceptions = glare.i18n