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stroeder 0c20c6f16c Enabled more test cases
13 years ago
leonard 162cedf71b Avoid leaking slapd processes when testing
14 years ago
leonard 20bee65a8b Factor out LDAPberval_to_object()
14 years ago
leonard ce8aca92cf Add more tests for the C Extension module.
14 years ago
leonard c876b63acf Add some unit tests
14 years ago
stroeder 434b5d44b0 Fixed ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens() to accept a single DOLLAR as separator
14 years ago
stroeder 305ec15c72 Simple search util also as a demo for using LDAP URLs with custom extension
15 years ago
stroeder 217cd34e47 Fixed LDAPUrlExtensions.__eq__() and test suite
21 years ago