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Petr Viktorin 29951f3723 Merge from CVS 7 years ago
.cvsignore Modification due to doc tool change 14 years ago
Makefile Simplified Makefile 15 years ago release 2.4.22: Use Sphinx' pyramid theme and set html_static_path 7 years ago
dsml.rst Let autoclass also include members 11 years ago
index.rst Added stub for ldap.sasl 7 years ago
installing.rst Replaced OpenLDAP version number 2.3 with 2.4 7 years ago
ldap-async.rst Added classes with .. autoclass:: 11 years ago
ldap-controls.rst Removed OpenLDAP version number, better links for I-Ds 7 years ago
ldap-dn.rst Separate seealso for LDAPv2 RFC 11 years ago
ldap-extop.rst Modified references to pyasn1 11 years ago
ldap-filter.rst Usage of Sphinx domains, lots of clean-ups and repaired function/method results 11 years ago
ldap-modlist.rst Some clarifications and added case_ignore_attr_types for modifyModlist() 11 years ago
ldap-resiter.rst [Py3] Update Demo to use print() (the function) 7 years ago
ldap-sasl.rst Removed functions section and link to draft-chu-ldap-ldapi 7 years ago
ldap-schema.rst Most stuff done by auto-creation of Sphinx relying on doc strings 11 years ago
ldap-syncrepl.rst Stub doc based on autoclass 11 years ago
ldap.rst Merge from CVS 7 years ago
ldapurl.rst doc-string based docs 11 years ago
ldif.rst Added auto-generated functions/classes 11 years ago