RETIRED, further work has moved to Debian project infrastructure
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*** List of things to-do in no particular order ***
- Define common Python style license for all modules
- Support Python 3.2+
- Specific support for more controls
- VLV control
- server-side sorting control
- Wrap libldif as faster drop-in replacement for module ldif?
- Extract response controls in SASL bind responses
- Attach response controls to LDAPError instances to deliver the
controls to the calling application in case of an error
- Attach more useful information to LDAPError instances, e.g. the filter used
when doing a search in case of ldap.FILTER_ERROR etc.
- Unicode support for DNs, filter strings, etc. but not entry attributes!
(Everybody asking for the latter should check the mailing list archive first.)
- Caching of search requests for each LDAPObject instance
- LDIF parser for replication logs and change records
- DSMLv2 support
- Clean up and finish the mess of small test scripts started.
- Create a test script that exercises everything with a server
holding the BLITS test data set
$Id: TODO,v 1.39 2015/01/10 16:58:52 stroeder Exp $