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Zuul 428987b56a Merge "Remove reference to 'all-plugin' tox environment" 2023-08-13 07:15:44 +00:00
Zuul 60a908098f Merge "Add a scenario test for classless PTR delegation" 2023-08-01 12:58:56 +00:00
Michael Johnson c3adc64e44 Fix test_pool sorted list assertion failures
Some of the tests expect to be able to sort on the pool NS record priority. However, the rand_ns_records fake data generator can create NS records with equal priority which leads to undefined sort orders and ultimately invalid test failures.[2]
This patch makes sure the fake ns records created for tests never have equal priority values.


Change-Id: Ic04d1fe093dee54da64ccb238e9650ad5fc47eb8
2023-07-31 15:39:00 +00:00
Zuul fe6e065ccf Merge "Removes "DDT" module from Designate-Tempest-Plugin" 2023-07-28 09:34:57 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler 462e39d73f Removes "DDT" module from Designate-Tempest-Plugin
This patch removes DDT module from the code as well as
all *.json files related to it.

Change-Id: I2203d52c4a816dee0960339a8ea3e0ea023b131d
2023-07-23 12:34:16 +03:00
Zuul 0552b62a12 Merge "Shared Zones - new scenario test cases" 2023-07-22 17:57:59 +00:00
Zuul 88a5fee15d Merge "Adds backend propagation check for E2E recordset scenario test" 2023-07-21 23:16:36 +00:00
Zuul 89da05dc30 Merge "[Designate] IPv6 detection check added" 2023-07-21 23:15:52 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler 725b25003e Shared Zones - new scenario test cases
Tests scenarios to reproduce this Launchpad bug:
1) test_list_zones_shared_with_more_then_two_projects
2) test_create_recordset_for_zone_shared_with_two_projects

Change-Id: Ia73e4d9d037e5ab5e7ac55fa70c41a39bc927db8
2023-07-21 22:27:08 +00:00
Lilach Avraham 9b0cec95fa [Designate] IPv6 detection check added
The current code assumes that the nameserver value configured
in tempest.conf is one of these two options only: IPV4 or IPV4:PORT
There is no handling for IPV6 addresses(with/without PORT).
(If IPV6 is set it causes traceback).

This patch adds support for IPV6.

Change-Id: I6ee56fcc1f00bc55012bcd1895bddce5acfa07d4
2023-07-14 10:58:45 +03:00
Ghanshyam Mann 300523aa65 Remove EM stable/xena job from master gate
stable/xena is in EM state. As Tempest and
plugins masters does not support EM stable branches
QA team will be pinning tempest in devstack stable/xena
soon. With that we do not need to test the stable/xena
jobs on master gate


Change-Id: I94f8511ab4adab2dfba21260c69c6e691911e16d
2023-06-08 20:58:05 -05:00
Ghanshyam Mann 25c93a50ec Remove stable/wallaby job from master gate
stable/wallaby is in EM state. As Tempest and
plugins masters does not support Em stable branches
qa team is pinning tempest in devstack stable/wallaby
tesitng[1]. With that we do not need to test the
stable/wallaby jobs on master gate


Change-Id: If5db25580fc979f9b4184e3556d2e1f1ed227c6f
2023-06-09 01:55:51 +00:00
Michael Johnson a12691b086 Add a scenario test for classless PTR delegation
This patch adds a scenario test for classless delegation
(RFC 2317).

Change-Id: I11157615a1273d4f087e725cc09de3ad64e07d29
2023-06-06 14:28:55 +00:00
Michael Johnson afdcc1c8f5 Update testing for show and list a shared zone
This patch updates the tests to account for projects that have a zone
shared with it can list and show the zone.

Change-Id: I218bbf0c4f6a1609b6500ccb91765959823bf911
2023-06-01 00:40:16 +00:00
Zuul 0480597cb6 Merge "This patch removes the usage of DDT module from" 2023-05-25 00:55:59 +00:00
Zuul 6167f3abcf Merge "Unroll test_update_records_propagated_to_backends" 2023-05-24 21:02:49 +00:00
Lukáš Piwowarski d858e4e277 Remove reference to 'all-plugin' tox environment
The 'all-plugin' tox environment was deprecated by this patch [1].
Instead of the 'all-plugin' it is recommended to use the 'all' tox

This patch removes any reference to 'all-plugin' tox environment and
updates the documentation so that the installation steps work with
the 'all' venv.


Change-Id: Id3451147d172002d67b4557680560a59b026ed77
2023-05-15 18:20:20 +02:00
Zuul 64cf3eaf10 Merge "Update the README file to use tox -e all" 2023-04-20 16:53:06 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler d52cff86c4 This patch removes the usage of DDT module from
Each test is now will have its own idempotent_id.

Change-Id: I878ec208f1c0179b6a7e01e41553531a8259a665
2023-04-19 12:49:21 +03:00
Michael Johnson 64a70abee1 Fix shared zones tests for scoped tokens
Scoped tokens do not have a project_id, which caused some of the new
shared zones tests to fail. This patch corrects that issue by using sudo
project ids if scoped tokens is enabled for the test.

Change-Id: Icf18d59a8fdf67e1e9ee893954703a53b0b9f070
2023-04-17 23:17:21 +00:00
Michael Johnson a5ba980ef4 Unroll test_update_records_propagated_to_backends
This patch unrolls the test_update_records_propagated_to_backends tests from
DDT to ensure each test gets a proper idempotent ID. Previously fourteen tests
had the same ID.
This patch also fixes a scenario where if no nameservers are provided in the
tempest.conf, the test would pass instead of being skipped.

Change-Id: I85d871350fcacfb6e293092ff6c16a6dba7f952e
2023-04-17 20:07:11 +00:00
Zuul 3b98486527 Merge "Extending "Shared Zones" test coverage" 2023-04-13 19:24:07 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler fdbe35c32f Extending "Shared Zones" test coverage
This patch adds:
1) API and Scenario test cases for Admin tenant
2) Quota tests, to ensure: "quotas enforced against owner"
3) Negative scenario tests

Change-Id: I0bbc6504ba2ef75bba8268d5e91b2588a4215555
2023-04-13 15:13:45 +03:00
Michael Johnson f4935ea128 Accommodate stable branches with scoped tokens
This patch updates the Designate tempest plugin to accommodate stable
branches that still have keystone scoped tokens. The "Direction
change"[1] means scoped tokens were dropped in the Bobcat (2023.2)
release. However the stable branches back to Wallaby will still have
scoped tokens available as a configuration option.


Change-Id: Ia57b5126dbc9fbe98cbcaa7ad0e11d36c21a14da
2023-04-11 17:07:07 +00:00
Michael Johnson 1f63edcc33 Re-enable the tempest tests and add Antelope
This patch re-enables the tempest tests with the keystone default roles
job and adds the Antelope (2023.1) stable job.

Change-Id: Idaa3e0e90fb3f7d6b754d9b0814e945bda009650
2023-03-31 16:25:59 +00:00
Michael Johnson 288cdcf697 Update designate-tempest-plugin "direction change"
The RBAC goal has changed[1] and system scope is no longer going to be
used. This patch updates Designate tempest plugin to align to this change in
direction by removing the system scope from the policy tests.


Change-Id: I4e5c56630d5cca96278fe67232519c067356da23
2023-03-31 16:24:24 +00:00
Michael Johnson 5eb6221aef Update the README file to use tox -e all
This patch updates the README file to have instructions for running the tempest tests using the "all" environment instead of "all-plugins". The "all-plugins" environment has been deprecated for years and uses site-packages, which may cause unintended test scenarios.
It also updates the example "run a single test" to be a non-admin API test.

Change-Id: I8645fb7577d52cd35e3d61d44ca9028ea3afe00f
2023-02-28 18:16:41 +00:00
Zuul 759ee725b8 Merge "Add project_reader in new RBAC tests" 2023-02-24 09:00:30 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann ed18e74a69 Add project_reader in new RBAC tests
Tempest is fixing the bug#1964509 (depends-on) where
project_reader user will be created under the same project
as primary, project_member, project_admin users.

'primary', 'project_admin', 'project_member', and 'project_reader'
creds will be created in same projects. All the alt creds will be
created under the new projects. non alt and alt creds will use
different project, for example, 'project_alt_member' and
'project_member' creds will be created in different project.

Related-Bug: #1964509

Change-Id: I143e69c1e150ddf7fa1757dea7bced6bff6739a9
2023-02-23 19:07:30 +00:00
Igor Malinovskiy a84e3194ad Add tempest tests for shared zones
This patch adds API and scenario test coverage for the shard zones

Author: Igor Malinovskiy <>
Co-Authored-By: Sergey Drozdov <,>
Co-Authored-By: Michael Johnson <>

Change-Id: I53a1e4676c5bbb63bee0c4bb91eac03c95dd3a3c
Partial-Bug: #1714088
2023-02-23 15:29:34 +00:00
Michael Johnson 73065cdaca Add API version check capabilities
This patch adds a method that allows us to get the current Designate API version under test for use in test classes to skip tests against new features introduced in a specific API version.
This patch also centralizes the "primary" zones client to be instantiated once and updates the tests to use a standardized name for the client.
Finally, it adds a missing requirement of oslo.serialization to requirements.txt.

Change-Id: I240911c0ab9b9bad7851268865d6a8e867627673
2023-02-19 18:11:49 +02:00
Michael Johnson cc8f89b41c Add Designate hacking checks to the tempest plugin
This patch adds the Designate hacking checks to also run against
the Designate tempest plugin code to maintain consistent style
checking across the Designate repositories.

Change-Id: I8f41bb8188ba8442dbf493dac39b8601f5208938
2023-02-15 22:14:16 +00:00
Zuul fe4672da25 Merge "Fix to support batch increment serial" 2023-02-14 17:25:03 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler 75acd12c08 Adds backend propagation check for E2E recordset scenario test
It's worth adding propagation check to this test:
This (DDT based) test covers almost all supported record types
and therefore it makes sense using a query client here
to ensure successfully create/delete of the recordset on the backends
for each tested type.

Change-Id: I4796efc3deb79b5135f667f6880349b70aa016c7
2023-01-29 14:35:25 +02:00
Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson bd21c75eaa Fix to support batch increment serial
Change-Id: Ie2579c929875768c94658aef58bf97437ca92477
2023-01-28 22:14:07 -08:00
Michael Johnson adf6319c1c Fix test_list_enabled_api_versions test case
The test_list_enabled_api_versions was not properly checking the enabled API versions and would always fail on new API version additions.

This patch corrects the list comprehension and updates the test to look for at least one of the base API versions in the returned results. This way the test will not artificially fail as we add new API versions.

Change-Id: Ibcee798b15aaccf8fddd28f80df7112cda3a9ed5
2023-01-29 04:18:58 +00:00
Zuul c9429994a4 Merge "Fix checking of the [dns].nameservers value" 2023-01-15 22:40:43 +00:00
Zuul c8d2a022e4 Merge "Pin stable branch jobs nodeset to Ubuntu Focal (20.04)" 2023-01-13 06:50:16 +00:00
Michael Johnson ff6c24db84 Removing trigger_update_secondary_zone_negative
This patch removes the test_manually_trigger_update_secondary_zone_negative test because it is broken due to changes in dnspython and the need for this negative test is not clear.

Closes-Bug: 1968717
Change-Id: I08ea6758994a9bbd95bf9693ce344c2206818241
2022-11-23 00:18:45 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann a2e80a3585 Pin stable branch jobs nodeset to Ubuntu Focal (20.04)
In 2023.1 cycle. we are moving the default distro
version of Ubuntu to Jammy (22.04)[1] so we need to pin
the nodeset for stable branch job in master gate so that
they continue run on their supporting distro version which is
Ubuntu Focal since stable/victoria.


Change-Id: I20e9be1071c27301a07089ec70c9ceb53fca7633
2022-11-22 16:00:18 +00:00
Lukáš Piwowarski 4f2367f64a Fix checking of the [dns].nameservers value
This patch [1] introduced checking whether the CONF.dns.nameservers
is empty. If the CONF.dns.nameservers value is empty then the
initialization of the QueryClient fails. This change makes the majority
of designate-tempest-plugin tests fail even tests that do not use the

This patch introduces three changes:

1) ValueError is raised only when the query() function is called so
   that only tests that actually use the query() function fail.

2) wait_for_query() function is fixed so that it never succeeds when the
   CONF.dns.nameservers value is empty.

3) Skip tests that rely upon [dns].nameserver value.


Change-Id: Iedd151b2e47ed62adc168a97cb6021ccb47abb0f
2022-11-07 17:24:05 +01:00
Dr. Jens Harbott 1d5fbf7613 Add designate-bind9-stable-zed job
After stable/zed was released, we should also test updates to the
tempest-plugin against that branch.

Change-Id: I877732fa51f60d2b50fb552a63e00df76f80b690
2022-10-14 14:08:30 +02:00
Dr. Jens Harbott b0d3f9a54f Drop explicit queue configuration
It will be inherited via the designate-devstack-jobs project template,
so we can drop the explicit setting.

Change-Id: Ib555ea19c183149ebdf25f7915089c405c23644d
2022-10-14 14:06:27 +02:00
Michael Johnson e52be15f30 Fix blacklist scenario test conflicts
A recent patch[1] reverted a fix for broad blacklists in scenario tests interferring with other test suites. This patch puts that fix[2] back in to stop cross-test suite failures due to blacklist collisions.


Change-Id: I9e90196e2df945855ef7d6a74afac13834a1339a
2022-10-12 21:50:40 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler 6c251b44c5 DNS Query Client - raise ValueError if provided Nameservers list is empty
There is no sense to "dig" not existing DNS backends, therefor
when Query Client object is being created with an empty list for
the namesrevers attribute, ValueError will be raised.

Change-Id: I156508e404dc2d2966a189941b0b4ff13412953f
2022-10-03 19:56:07 +00:00
Zuul 66b9b0c7b9 Merge "Fix - test_admin_creates_zone_matches_blacklist_name_or_regex" 2022-10-02 10:17:29 +00:00
Zuul d1307ce3b0 Merge "Deprecate option for old api_export_size bug" 2022-10-02 01:42:16 +00:00
Zuul 04ec7e1b41 Merge "New quota boundray test:"test_zone_quota_boundary"" 2022-09-22 19:39:29 +00:00
Arkady Shtempler ea0b668c81 New quota boundray test:"test_zone_quota_boundary"
Test scenario:
1) Create a tenant and set its Zones quota to 1
2) Create a first zone --> PASS
3) Create a second Zone --> FAIL (413 over_quota)

Change-Id: Ic47888d83a77b6f65213c1e55bbfca73eb5346b7
2022-09-21 23:36:02 +03:00
Zuul be96bd2a91 Merge "Adds TLD cleanup to "test_recordset_validation" test suite" 2022-09-21 15:38:38 +00:00