Update sphinx extension logging

Sphinx 1.6 deprecated using the application object to perform logging
and it will be removed in the upcoming 2.0 release. This updates our
extensions to use the recommended sphinx.util.logging instead.

Change-Id: I0b4d0d66ad60ff8e9b2d7de70d9858bd6ca5efa6
Signed-off-by: Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis@gmail.com>
Sean McGinnis 4 years ago
parent 8c17476203
commit 1479c91737

@ -22,16 +22,19 @@ It is used via a single directive in the .rst file
import os
import six
import six.moves.configparser as config_parser
import sys
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers import rst
from sphinx.util import logging
from sphinx.util.osutil import copyfile
import six
import six.moves.configparser as config_parser
from designate.backend.base import Backend
from designate.backend.agent_backend.base import AgentBackend
from sphinx.util.osutil import copyfile
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class SupportMatrix(object):
@ -434,7 +437,7 @@ def copy_assets(app, exception):
assets = ['support-matrix.css', 'support-matrix.js']
if app.builder.name != 'html' or exception:
app.info('Copying assets: %s' % ', '.join(assets))
LOG.info('Copying assets: %s' % ', '.join(assets))
for asset in assets:
dest = os.path.join(app.builder.outdir, '_static', asset)
source = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))