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ljhuang 0a3959d155 Replace deprecated readfp method with read_file
The readfp method has been deprecated since version 3.2 [1].


Change-Id: Ib4d13e850e47c80ca6ec601b9e195337d9a403e0
11 months ago
Takashi Kajinami f616bd45a4 Remove logic for Python < 3.2
Change-Id: If9d4dc59d6663716ac0da61b2a6e3cde7f100e86
11 months ago
Michael Johnson beb75cc529 Fix doc building for sphinx 4.x
Sphinx 4.x has renamed add_stylesheet to add_css_file and
add_javascript to add_js_file.
This patch updates the sphinx extensions in designate to use the
new methods.

Change-Id: I71baf9abb5566908da580d0c104831dea20c9d3c
2 years ago
wangzihao 88a4be5e5c Remove six
Remove six Replace the following items with Python 3 style code.

- six.PY3
- six.moves.urllib
- six.PY2
- six.text_type
- six.string_types
- six.iterkeys
- six.moves.range
- six.add_metaclass

Change-Id: I4cd26693fac7c16f4fa3d3c0015cd7af796f0877
2 years ago
Nicolas Bock 437cbf05ad Add pdf-docs env to tox.ini
- Enable PDF documentation. Based on [1].
- Enable table of contents generation for pdf
- Removed literalinclude of designate.conf [2]
- Removed illegal character (a literal ESC)
- Fix incorrect column count in backends summary section
- Replace nodes.line() with nodes.paragraph()


Change-Id: Ie454f8f9ebc8e36347ce33b22f2e6da0257fe4e0
Signed-off-by: Nicolas Bock <>
4 years ago
Sean McGinnis 1479c91737 Update sphinx extension logging
Sphinx 1.6 deprecated using the application object to perform logging
and it will be removed in the upcoming 2.0 release. This updates our
extensions to use the recommended sphinx.util.logging instead.

Change-Id: I0b4d0d66ad60ff8e9b2d7de70d9858bd6ca5efa6
Signed-off-by: Sean McGinnis <>
5 years ago
Thomas Goirand ed69c37962 Fix unicode not define in doc with py3
Under Python 3.6 in Debian Sid, I couldn't build the sphinx doc, and this
patch fixes it. It replaces unicode by six.text_type.

Change-Id: I538f10ef297fb45cb82e47f5bcb86ed214a062b0
5 years ago
Tim Simmons 2f57bdc8eb Switch to the OpenStack Docs Theme
Updated the theme, added some custom css for the
backends matrix, and moved the toc to the sidebar

Change-Id: Ibb7860d9ddc16e5d81e127c8713c810122c2c25f
6 years ago
qinchunhua 618982a091 Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser
The SafeConfigParser class has been renamed to ConfigParser in Python
3.2 [1]. This alias will be removed in future versions.So we can use
ConfigParser directly instead.


Change-Id: I8cc3bcde108916bda6b8ac95cae9abefe3b5cdee
Closes-Bug: #1618666
7 years ago
Graham Hayes b172846a1f Docs update
* Added MSDNS to Known-Broken
* Removed Juno Docs
* Added CLI docs for designate-manage
* Update backend docs to new yaml style

Change-Id: I8f6876bfeb33bcad46141030a04fe9127dedcefe
7 years ago
sonu.kumar a5865e270e Replaces x.keys() with six.iterkeys(x)
Partially-Implements: blueprint designate-py3

Change-Id: I92994c49b9821b9264e95ac8fa21e16907c4c35c
8 years ago
Graham Hayes 374463d8e8 Add Backend grading, and associated docs page
This adds a parameter to the backend class the defines its grade.
It can be overridden in the support-matrix.ini file it needed.

Change-Id: Icbcb3d88242c6d2de2c361722ddea85d4b585fca
8 years ago