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Michael Johnson beb75cc529 Fix doc building for sphinx 4.x
Sphinx 4.x has renamed add_stylesheet to add_css_file and
add_javascript to add_js_file.
This patch updates the sphinx extensions in designate to use the
new methods.

Change-Id: I71baf9abb5566908da580d0c104831dea20c9d3c
2021-07-27 23:59:28 +00:00
Tim Simmons 2f57bdc8eb Switch to the OpenStack Docs Theme
Updated the theme, added some custom css for the
backends matrix, and moved the toc to the sidebar

Change-Id: Ibb7860d9ddc16e5d81e127c8713c810122c2c25f
2017-03-13 10:59:59 +00:00