OpenStack DNS As A Service (Designate)
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Team and repository tags


OpenStack Designate

Designate is an OpenStack project, providing DNSaaS.

IRC: #openstack-dns



Designate follows the OpenStack Gerrit Workflow


Setup a working environment:

Building Docs

To build the documentation from the restructured text source, do the following:

now point your browser at html/index.html (the official documentation is published to by the maintainers.


Install the git-review package to make life easier

pip install git-review

Branch, work, & submit:

# cut a new branch, tracking master
git checkout --track -b bug/id origin/master
# work work work
git add stuff
git commit
# rebase/squash to a single commit before submitting
git rebase -i
# submit


Execute a single test using py27 (test is CentralServiceTest.test_count_domains)

tox -e py27 -- designate.tests.test_central.test_service.CentralServiceTest.test_count_zones_policy_check