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Remove setting of ETCD_DOWNLOAD_URL

Adding ETC binaries was a stop gap measure until packages were
available.  With the impending release of bionic that'll be soon :)

Also using the mirror on tarballs.o.o was unreliable so these binaries
are cached in the nodepool images as described in[1].  Having this
setting in d-g makes more work than is needed in the near term.
Removing it does introduce a new failure mode if an etcd version is
used in devstack but not yet cacched in the image.


Change-Id: I2a6649ae3094ca65aa31798ee9bddf2fcdd49260
Tony Breeds 3 years ago
1 changed files with 0 additions and 4 deletions
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@ -405,10 +405,6 @@ function setup_localrc {
localrc_set "$localrc_file" "export OS_NO_CACHE" "True"
localrc_set "$localrc_file" "LIBS_FROM_GIT" "$DEVSTACK_PROJECT_FROM_GIT"
# etcd 3.x is not available in debian/ubuntu etc. As a stop gap measure, devstack uses wget to download
# from the location below for all the CI jobs.
localrc_set "$localrc_file" "ETCD_DOWNLOAD_URL" ""
# set this until all testing platforms have libvirt >= 1.2.11
# see bug #1501558
localrc_set "$localrc_file" "EBTABLES_RACE_FIX" "True"