7 Commits (f0008986a14caf549cb777a1363424308d143654)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Riedemann f0008986a1 Remove 'cinder' service from feature test matrix 1 year ago
  Matt Riedemann 2767c8690d Modernize default services in the test matrix 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Evrard 269a20d09c Prepare for stable branching in devstack-gate 2 years ago
  ghanshyam 1b04cd2c0b Add the setup support for stable/stein 2 years ago
  Boden R d2bd6faf5e add rocky branch to features.yaml 3 years ago
  Sean McGinnis 9c97cc690c Set up stable/queens 3 years ago
  Andrea Frittoli (andreaf) 3d0fc8bf6d Create a test matrix role 3 years ago
  Thierry Carrez e1c313039a Set up stable/pike 4 years ago
  John L. Villalovos 0c47c43408 Add ironic-inspector services to features.yaml 4 years ago
  Matthew Treinish fdce8e71d5
Make sure we always run the nova metadata service 4 years ago
  Sean Dague af2f89044b remove etcd3 from subnode install 4 years ago
  Clark Boylan e1b6e9f1d6 Disable horizon by default 4 years ago
  Clark Boylan 2ec101c4c8 List swift and keystone in feature.yaml 4 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas 7ecf87d63f Add etcd3 to the list of base services 4 years ago
  Jordan Pittier 164821e209 Don't run nova-cert by default 4 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 57b3b89129 Enable peakmem_tracker in gate 4 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 728ee0c2ca Cleaned up code from Icehouse and Juno logic 4 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 72cc599a97 Cleaned up 'quantum' service logic 4 years ago
  Joshua White b2ed5178df Glance experimental multinode grenade job setup 4 years ago
  Karthik Prabhu Vinod 7d96717f0f Adding other combinations to Cinder multinode grenade 5 years ago
  John L. Villalovos 86c1444121 Fix DVR gate job breakage 4 years ago
  Sean Dague c1b64743b8 enable placement api by default for ocata and beyond 4 years ago
  Sean M. Collins 7fac6b6838 Introduce roles into the feature matrix 5 years ago
  Michelle Mandel f283a62020 Enable n-novnc service 5 years ago
  Clark Boylan 504179d3a5 Enable tlsproxy on ocata and above 5 years ago
  Doug Hellmann a7b1cba9a7 add newton to the allowed list 5 years ago
  Doug Hellmann 46ce759f4d set up stable/newton 5 years ago
  Sean Dague f7e3f3bfa8 don't start horizon in grenade 5 years ago
  Doug Wiegley cb2b8092de Remove q-lbaas from tempest pre-installed stuff. 5 years ago
  Michał Dulko 4f3bc0ef76 Enabling Cinder multinode testing 5 years ago
  Sean M. Collins 40c2ba7e63 Stop using DevStack fwaas code 5 years ago
  Doug Hellmann d10c22f360 add mitaka and ocata branches to feature list 5 years ago
  OpenStack Jenkins 4ee1b9d78e Add tls-proxy as an available service 6 years ago
  Clark Boylan ccc29983c4 Make liberty actually allowed in features.yaml 6 years ago
  Matt Riedemann 626faaee06 Add q-vpn back to base services but exclude for liberty runs 6 years ago
  Sean Dague 9dc2583e87 remove neutron advanced services from grenade 6 years ago
  Paul Michali c59dfacef8 Remove q-vpn service for DSVM tests 6 years ago
  Sirushti Murugesan f90ba507c0 Add Heat to features.yaml 6 years ago
  Joe Gordon 8c98d92de3 Remove sahara from the default configuration 6 years ago
  Joe Gordon 4b8c34e12d Remove heat from default configuration 6 years ago
  Sean Dague 0b38c5dc51 add liberty to feature grid 6 years ago
  James E. Blair 89eba44167 Remove trove from default config 6 years ago
  Sean Dague 85c56b997e remove heat from starting in grenade 6 years ago
  Matthew Treinish f8c5d29a6c Revert "Temporarily disable testing lbaas, fwaas, and vpnaas" 7 years ago
  Doug Wiegley 5358740468 Temporarily disable testing lbaas, fwaas, and vpnaas 7 years ago
  Clark Boylan cd0a059258 Add kilo to features.yaml 7 years ago
  Clark Boylan ea9c5e6bb8 Havana branches are dead, remove havana from d-g 7 years ago
  Maru Newby 2ac355640a Add features.yaml entry for 'no services' 7 years ago
  David Shrewsbury cc382531e1 Disable cinder with ironic 7 years ago
  Malini Kamalambal 30bb437339 Update Marconi to Zaqar 7 years ago