Run DevStack in the gate
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Masayuki Igawa b821373c51 Move stable branch gate job to stable/victoria 5 months ago
devstack-gate-hooks OpenDev Migration Patch 1 year ago
legacy/tempest-neutron-full Move stable branch gate job to stable/victoria 4 months ago
library Zuul v3: Add devstack_local_conf ansible module 3 years ago
plugins/callback Bump ansible to latest 2.5 version 2 years ago
roles Dynamically determine overlay MTU 2 years ago
devstack_gate_vars.yaml Simplify network sanity checks 3 years ago
ovs_vxlan_bridge.yaml Move network overlay configuration to Ansible playbooks 3 years ago
setup_host.yaml Revert "Revert "Move fix_disk_layout to an Ansible role in setup_host"" 3 years ago