99 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Barron 74a88c0d3b Always use luminous for manila 2 months ago
  Tom Barron 2badb448e3 Use luminous for xenial and after 2 months ago
  Tom Barron d7878f2cba Use shaman again for manila 3 months ago
  Tom Barron a8be9e71a6 Support manila with python3 3 months ago
  Tom Barron c669989cd8 Use official bionic repos for manila 4 months ago
  Eric Harney c6d3b84268 Test attach encrypted volume 11 months ago
  Tom Barron 1105870917 Support Ubuntu Bionic LTS release for manila 4 months ago
  Jens Harbott 39de6df041 Fix installation of PasteDeploy from upstream pkgs (again) 5 months ago
  Jens Harbott 917f0bef81 Support Ubuntu Bionic LTS release 6 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 21de8038dd Fix the Keystone authentication URL used by RadosGW 10 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 20cad2d3b5 Add shared functions to configure ceph repositories 10 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 023be1103f Cleanup CentOS/Fedora support 10 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 5b07d43b3e Use iniset to populate CEPH_CONF_FILE whenever possible 11 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 24c8bd8d38 rgw/keystone: disable the NSS db integration by default 11 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 6d1ef658c9 Remove the usage of KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND 11 months ago
  Luigi Toscano 1731d2364c Fix the variable for identity version, change default 11 months ago
  Jens Harbott 53b56e147a Apply workaround for PasteDeploy only on stable/queens 1 year ago
  Jon Bernard c5c0adcc60 Only import libvirt secret when nova is enabled 1 year ago
  Eric Harney 2f37a1f502 Fix Fedora version check 1 year ago
  Eric Harney 84068e1526 Allow all versions of Fedora 1 year ago
  Ramana Raja 6ed64665cb [manila] allow cephfs-nfs driver to store ganesha exports 1 year ago
  Matt Riedemann 9f1f729d60 Conditionally install python3 packages 1 year ago
  melanie witt 6e2de3845a Force pip install update of PasteDeploy 1 year ago
  melanie witt 54b360cdd3 Add python3-rados and python3-rbd so services can run under py3 1 year ago
  Ramana Raja 68185a8294 setup ceph-mgr daemon for luminous rc and greater 1 year ago
  Ramana Raja 40880a4ded [manila] revert to latest Ceph kraken for cephfs-nfs driver 1 year ago
  Ramana Raja deb0784047 manila: install latest luminous packages 1 year ago
  Eric Harney 977cc53f9c Remove keystone pki_setup 1 year ago
  Eric Harney ff6bdd7454 Disable compute shelve tests 1 year ago
  Lee Yarwood fae7232411 Update list of supported Fedora releases 2 years ago
  Ramana Raja a53eaba747 Add support to setup CephFS NFS-Ganesha driver 2 years ago
  Ramana Raja cf3215dfef Explicitly call ceph-create-keys after MON start 2 years ago
  Ramana Raja ed24ed385d manila: install Ceph for Ubuntu trusty or xenial 2 years ago
  Ramana Raja 6d01a64e1d manila: install Jenkins built Ceph packages 2 years ago
  Matthew Treinish 3ece1cd96d Disable swap-volume in tempest when ceph is used 2 years ago
  ghanshyam 9763645b0c Fix *-ceph-* job for manage snapshot tests failure 2 years ago
  Jens Rosenboom d962d573ec Fix disk size default settings 2 years ago
  Matt Riedemann 9293ac03ab Create backing disk using $VOLUME_BACKING_FILE_SIZE 2 years ago
  Tom Barron 1382baf491 Use "-c ${CEPH_CONF_FILE}" in cleanup_ceph_remote 2 years ago
  Sébastien Han 28c600a76a add support deploying containerized ceph 2 years ago
  Jason Dillaman a985472cf0 Revert Ceph RBD to Hammer-release default features 2 years ago
  Anton Arefiev a8a1cf3d0c Deploy radosgw as glance backend 2 years ago
  Kevin Zhao ef12fffc97 Support multiple arch, replace hard-code of x86_64 2 years ago
  Kevin Zhao 37df605e0b Add Debian support os support, for Jessie and sid 2 years ago
  Sébastien Han eb7bfffd85 purge repo file when unstacking 2 years ago
  Sébastien Han c695e5bcc7 change repo url 2 years ago
  Patrick East a7c81797a0 Don't always override CINDER_* env variables 2 years ago
  Clark Boylan fec528cdb0 Use opt in package repo mirror in gate 2 years ago
  Einst Crazy 0ca362bbae Add rhel7 os support 2 years ago
  Tom Barron 19051aa4cd Support systemd and ceph versions >= 9.2 2 years ago