52 Commits (4a6a717a15e61e289b84953bbb4db9a10bcbf636)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paulo Ewerton 75bf972239 Move default Keystone API version to v3 4 years ago
  Daniel Gonzalez 336390f9b3 Set user/project domain ID when using keystone v3 4 years ago
  Balagopal 7ed812c6cd Change "secrete" to "secret" 4 years ago
  Sean Dague 7580a0c3e3 Replace TENANT => PROJECT phase 1 4 years ago
  Sean Dague 74b91c3eaf Revert "Move default Keystone API version to v3" 4 years ago
  Paulo Ewerton b162a1d58c Move default Keystone API version to v3 4 years ago
  Andrey Kurilin 55a1bca282 Remove wrong paramter COMPUTE_API_VERSION 5 years ago
  Brian Haley 5d04db20ec Add IPv6 support to openrc files 5 years ago
  Clint Byrum 52a3bebcfc Do not set OS_CACERT if there is no CA cert 5 years ago
  Bartosz Górski 0abde393c5 Adds support for multi-region 6 years ago
  tanlin 2b69f23625 Rename Openstack to OpenStack 6 years ago
  Jamie Lennox bd24a8d0f8 Allow deploying keystone with SSL certificates 7 years ago
  Peter Feiner 388e36c98b zsh openrc compatibility 7 years ago
  Mike Perez bd8ac01b02 Default to Cinder REST API v2 7 years ago
  Yong Sheng Gong 300e1bf276 Use the varialbe to export right keystone api version 7 years ago
  Joe Gordon 4640026cc1 Fix spelling mistakes 7 years ago
  Dean Troyer 3005e17853 Enable configuration of Identity API v3 7 years ago
  Jeff Peeler ebdd61d136 Functions are required to parse localrc 7 years ago
  Chmouel Boudjnah 73695d0ea4 Cleanup openrc. 7 years ago
  Dean Troyer 3ac95355bc Correctly source .stackenv 7 years ago
  Dean Troyer 33cb43034e Write selected env variables to .stackenv 7 years ago
  Dean Troyer c83a7e125f Add TLS support for keystone via proxy 8 years ago
  Nachi Ueno 8bc21f6476 move setup_quantum to stack.sh 8 years ago
  Nachi Ueno 5db5bfa28f Make exercise.sh with quantum work 8 years ago
  Nachi Ueno fda946e3eb Added ping_check and ssh_check functions and use it in exercise.sh 8 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya 7b0f002b7c Turn off caching of the token by default 8 years ago
  Doug Hellmann f04178fd12 add functions to manipulate ENABLED_SERVICES 8 years ago
  Russell Bryant 08e07fb4c8 Don't use $USERNAME in openrc. 8 years ago
  Dean Troyer 51fb454f71 Create exerciserc to configure exercises 8 years ago
  Dean Troyer 0bd2410d46 Move all EC2 cred creation to eucarc 8 years ago
  Dean Troyer 4807df8e5b Update openrc to focus on current OS_* environment variables 8 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya 112a360128 Update incorrect comment about certs in openrc 8 years ago
  Russell Bryant 243b26a84e Wait for instance termination to complete. 8 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya d1f5243d91 Uses keystone client instead of keystone-manage 8 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya 658ac7a4cc create and store secret and access keys 8 years ago
  Dean Troyer 10670d1bad Add support for OS_* environment vars 8 years ago
  Adam Gandelman ce05e03213 exercises: Multihost support for Glance client 8 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya 75bbd75d91 Allow euca-upload-bundle to work with devstack 8 years ago
  Dean Troyer 751c15243f Increase exercise robustness 8 years ago
  Anthony Young 1097c7ca91 Port work on SERVICE_HOST from stable/diablo. Allows user to specify service endpoint host separately from HOST_IP 8 years ago
  Jesse Andrews 38df1228de revive working with subset of services 9 years ago
  Todd Willey 9a3066f9fd RUNNING_TIMEOUT = BOOT_TIMEOUT + ACTIVE_TIMEOUT 9 years ago
  Todd Willey 2599b3165a Wrap exercises with master script, with logs, and move common variables. 9 years ago
  Vishvananda Ishaya f56e395d82 Make ec2 credentials work properly 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews f75d848ece openrc should use same variables as stack.sh 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews f1bfba2722 document how to overwrite the debug settings 9 years ago
  Jesse Andrews 9c85373163 typo - fixes issue #90 9 years ago
  Anthony Young d81ed0316f allow overrides for all params 9 years ago
  Anthony Young 6ab10d46a8 add an openrc file so that users can easily use the client 9 years ago