tests/elements/fake-os: add '/tmp' as top level dir

lib/img-functions:finalise_base() does a recursive unmount of /tmp to
cleanup any old mounts that might be in there (we do things like bind
mount caches in there).  unmount_dir fails if /tmp isn't a

The 'run_output_format_test.sh' uses the 'fake-os' element for
testing.  Because 'fake-os' did not create the '/tmp' directory, the
test script fails.

This patch fixes the problem: it adds '/tmp' to the list of
directories that are created.

It was implemented replacing the existing five 'mkdir'
command with a for loop over now six directories.

Change-Id: Ic7aca155492967b9819f129d3843cf95e136410e
Signed-off-by: Andreas Florath <andreas@florath.net>
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Andreas Florath 2016-05-06 16:34:31 +02:00 committed by Ian Wienand
parent 6c57795056
commit 0aa7f38a7f
1 changed files with 3 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -5,11 +5,9 @@ set -o pipefail
sudo touch $TARGET_ROOT/fake-os
sudo mkdir -p $TARGET_ROOT/etc
sudo mkdir -p $TARGET_ROOT/mnt
sudo mkdir -p $TARGET_ROOT/proc
sudo mkdir -p $TARGET_ROOT/dev
sudo mkdir -p $TARGET_ROOT/sys
for DIR in etc mnt proc dev sys tmp; do
sudo mkdir -p ${TARGET_ROOT}/${DIR}
# We need some size so the mkfs does not fail when making an fs of size 0
# We also need to account for the journal size on the FS