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  Ian Wienand cc61e6ac12 Import legacy playbooks 1 year ago
  Tony Breeds f12b1310ef dib-lint: Ignore editor temp files for linting run 1 year ago
  Ian Wienand fea6ab1624 Use sphinx warning-is-error 2 years ago
  Ian Wienand 83bdfe179a Git ignore coverage stuff 2 years ago
  Robert Collins d34b9453f3 Ignore manifest outputs more carefully. 4 years ago
  James Slagle 6fd78ffcfd Add manifests to .gitignore 5 years ago
  Steve Kowalik 58c755cf4c Create a new baremetal element 5 years ago
  Sushil Kumar ed0b20516a Updates .gitignore 5 years ago
  James Slagle 080012a3ca Add *.egg to .gitignore 5 years ago
  Steve Baker 7795c7b108 Package with pbr. 5 years ago
  Robert Collins cb62bae9b8 Build images using loopdev instead of qemu-nbd. 6 years ago
  Robert Collins 1ee3a01447 Move initial root contents into a hook. 6 years ago
  Clint Byrum c3ee071d73 Make it possible for openstack-CI to run tests 6 years ago
  Robert Collins 573ee28fd2 Ignore .pyc files. 6 years ago
  Robert Collins daf9fc1d6b Add a .testr.conf configuration and ignore .testrepository. 6 years ago
  Robert Collins d87f92cb4f Ignore temporary files. 6 years ago