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melissaml abba0b5574 Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions
Switch to openstackdocstheme 2.2.1 and reno 3.1.0 versions. Using
these versions will allow especially:
* Linking from HTML to PDF document
* Allow parallel building of documents
* Fix some rendering problems

Update Sphinx version as well.

Disable openstackdocs_auto_name to use 'project' variable as name.

Change pygments_style to 'native' since old theme version always used
'native' and the theme now respects the setting and using 'sphinx' can
lead to some strange rendering.

openstackdocstheme renames some variables, so follow the renames
before the next release removes them. A couple of variables are also
not needed anymore, remove them.

See also

Change-Id: If3e8d8ac29a728aa41562b31976ebe9bfa5df66f
3 years ago
wangqi 375c45c84e delete unused module
Change-Id: I81f959abc66cfd81670d842d53a4ff0380fda106
5 years ago
Andreas Jaeger ec2c955019 Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes
Release notes are version independent, so remove version/release
values. We've found that projects now require the service package
to be installed in order to build release notes, and this is entirely
due to the current convention of pulling in the version information.

Release notes should not need installation in order to build, so this
unnecessary version setting needs to be removed.

This is needed for new release notes publishing, see
I56909152975f731a9d2c21b2825b972195e48ee8 and the discussion starting

Change-Id: I2e0ad6dd4088ee6d72373c5ffed0c66dee443f32
6 years ago
chenxing 644d642e02 doc: Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
Per the manuals migration effort, projects should use the
openstackdocstheme [1]


Change-Id: I3dbba86369326e831ec5c47e368d04e28bcb93a1
6 years ago
Andreas Jaeger a74b5fe399 Enable release notes translation
Releasenote translation publishing is being prepared. 'locale_dirs'
needs to be defined in to generate translated version of the
release notes.

Note that this repository might not get translated release notes - or
no translations at all - but we add the entry here nevertheless to
prepare for it.

Change-Id: Ib3cfb6a2cc014b72c32db7434975d4bb75d480d7
7 years ago
Ian Wienand 634391185c Add releasenotes
Use reno to start at keeping release notes.  Add an initial log.

Change-Id: Iba3ebd3b01c15030ac2585dda82e43657e511310
7 years ago