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Andreas Jaeger e7885499dd Cleanup py27 and docs support
This repo is now testing only with Python 3, so let's make
a few cleanups:
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg
- Update classifiers
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Cleanup doc/source/ to remove now obsolete content,
  use sphinxcontrib.apidoc to build module index again (this
  seems to have been broken when switching to sphinx-build).
- Remove install_command from tox.ini, the default is fine
- Update tox.ini for python3 only support.

Change-Id: Id8738ecfb0f578d2a7953c63ffe10779f835bcaf
3 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 7c73557d72 Add back pep8 and tarball jobs
Use the victoria python3 template to add py36, py38, pep8 and tarball
publishing back in.

Dependency added to fix ironic-python-agent-check-image-dib-centos8 job.

Change-Id: I2a789dbfbdc3e0104fa9715dcfe5233453ccbf9c
3 years ago
Monty Taylor 3477dfad00 Drop support for python2
python2 is EOL. OpenStack and Zuul both are python3 only.

Drop the Python-2 CentOS 7 build host testing, including the tripleo
centos-7 train job.

Drop the old openstack-python-jobs template and move to specific
version templates for what we support.

Drop upper-constraints from the py35 environment, as master of
requirements is now using python 3.6-only libraries.

Drop the Xenial tests for similar reasons (rather than making some
sort of forced install); we are keeping Python 3.5 support just for
Zuul compatability at this point so a tox run is enough.


Change-Id: I6d90754cb4b7217b10ae777d414c03466b751761
3 years ago
Ian Wienand de57271ed2 Prepare to drop Python 2 support
Pin func test requirements to stable/train; the last stable release
with Python 2 support.  Switch to the python-jobs-no-constraints
template to avoid using master constraints file.

Only build focal on bionic, other debootstraps are too old.

Remove pip-and-virtualenv testing as we are moving to plain images.

The tripleo-buildimage-jobs are unstable; see linked bug.

Add a note that this is the last Python 2 release.

Change-Id: Ibde7a564dd41cc2d6e80e2dffe5a95a57bbf8ada
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 0c94eef7be Revert "dib-lint: use yamllint to parse YAML files"
This reverts commit 6ee2995214 and

I missed that if you pip install and then run dib-lint, it's not going
to pick up the .yamllint file shipped here.  Thus it gives spurious

The reason for this was simply better duplicate key detection in yaml
files, which caused us problems with the kernel installs.  However, at
this point it seems just the old "does it load" test from pyyaml will
be enough.

Change-Id: I87a9fc9bb119cfeffad48fc0fa0df31f0181825d
3 years ago
Ian Wienand d2eaaaf622 Merge "Pre-install xz package in opensuse chroot" 3 years ago
Ian Wienand d71284ccbd Merge "use stage3 instead of stage4 for gentoo builds" 3 years ago
Matthew Thode 041bdd331a
use stage3 instead of stage4 for gentoo builds
The main reason for using the stage4 is now gone (kernel compile).
Install and use the distro provided binary kernel package.

In addition to this, set the locale and timezone, beyond that very
little was done in the gentoo stage4.

Change-Id: I541b7d9b807e2357398ae1c249b1978958dd1137
Signed-off-by: Matthew Thode <>
3 years ago
Colleen Murphy 19b3586d08 Pre-install xz package in opensuse chroot
As of recently, opensuse-minimal images fail to build because of an
error installing the kernel-default package:

> Problem: kernel-default-5.6.12-1.3.x86_64 requires mkinitrd >= 2.7.1, but this requirement cannot be provided
>   not installable providers: dracut-050+suse.61.g0fe0e854-1.1.i586[repo-oss]
>                    dracut-050+suse.61.g0fe0e854-1.1.x86_64[repo-oss]

The problem is there is a recently added package `busybox-links` which
provides a subpackage `busybox-xz` which provides the /usr/bin/xz
utility. Since this is available, the `aaa_base` package installs it
during the root.d base installation phase to fulfill it's dependency on
/usr/bin/xz. On the other hand, the dracut package explicitly requires
the `xz` package, and this is not co-installable with the `busybox-xz`
package, so the dracut package is not installable during the install.d
phase. This change explicitly adds the `xz` package to the initial
chroot provisioning phase so that the /usr/bin/xz requirement is already
fulfilled and `busybox-xz` does not get installed.

Change-Id: Iba8c301eb496657873963e1aa99736aacf87cb00
3 years ago
Monty Taylor e85c2a6f03 Add dependency on yamllint
dib-lint requires yamllint now, so we need to depend on it.

Change-Id: Iccd2cdbb04bd9b429d8d19b31ff3b10cdd568e15
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 339d713527 Revert "Revert "ubuntu-minimal : only install 16.04 HWE kernel on xenial""
This reverts commit 6e549c33ac.

It uses the new multiple-parameter matching format from
Idff7b067ad4255e6fc4138f7eff313a81b75c8ba to actually do what it says.

Change-Id: I4656ff1a5c46bcfbd8587f2f541825f4ad08820f
3 years ago
Ian Wienand b71d1c60d2 package-installs : allow a list of parameters
The change Ia6f10741fa6be24b11d6991c8a6b6e07951ff68d introduced having
"when:" as a list of values.  However, this was actually not
sufficient to express the logic required for arm64/x86_64/xenial
kernel matching we wanted.

Because the package name is a key, we can't have multiple entires in
the package-map YAML files.  This means we can't do more advanced
matching and thus we need to be able to match through multiple
parameters.  Similar to Ia6f10741fa6be24b11d6991c8a6b6e07951ff68d we
modify the matching rules to allow a list.

A an example of using this is provided in the README.rst, and this
same example worked through by the unit tests.

This also slightly updates the matching logic to be more sequential.
After each check we either continue on or log the failure and continue
to the next check (rather than set a list of flags then check that at
the end).  This makes it much easier to understand what is being
matched in the logging output from the tool.

Change-Id: Idff7b067ad4255e6fc4138f7eff313a81b75c8ba
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 6ee2995214 dib-lint: use yamllint to parse YAML files
This gives us better linting of YAML files that just opening them.
This would have detected the duplicate keys in

The .yamllint is taken from zuul-jobs where it is also used as a
fairly sane set of default rules.

A few minor newline fixes are added.

Change-Id: I96d6644ae24f7deb84fa50fefbda0f0d33e0e009
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 6e549c33ac Revert "ubuntu-minimal : only install 16.04 HWE kernel on xenial"
This reverts commit 14ff8f942c.

This seems to not be installing the kernel at all, and needs further

Change-Id: Ifd809d4b67aff5d80f979235db246a16af0375b3
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 7539e241da ubuntu-minimal: Add Ubuntu Focal test build
Add test builds for Focal on x86 and ARM64

Change-Id: Idb23f0e00d37c7447441ea002aad078e8c61f969
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 14ff8f942c ubuntu-minimal : only install 16.04 HWE kernel on xenial
Only install the HWE kernel by default for Xenial.  This was actually
installing the 16.04 HWE kernel on Bionic by accident, since it seems
to have that package; however it was breaking Focal.

On the other distros, just install the default generic kernel.  Let's
KISS for now if we can ...

Change-Id: I34e27d821fbefe274e7b007f37b0bd34db2e1d26
3 years ago
Ian Wienand c5acc91574 ubuntu-minimal: fix HWE install for focal
On Focal, install the 20.04 HWE kernel if linux-image-hwe is

Change-Id: I5d536e8f64e7b987415849d8cd4da7959bba7af7
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 138d3f9b81 package-installs: allow when filter to be a list
Allow the "when:" statements to be a list of values, which are
effectively anded together to filter the package install.

Change-Id: Ia6f10741fa6be24b11d6991c8a6b6e07951ff68d
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 9080d04923 block device: update variable name
New versions of flake8 fail as "l" can be confused for "1" apparently
(E741) ... not sure I totally agree but since it's only one instance,
update it.

Change-Id: Ic5c47867facd56b53cc6534da4ae3a345c516202
3 years ago
Zuul d3c7d2d4b1 Merge "functests: use ensure-virtualenv" 3 years ago
Ian Wienand 695ea4021e functests: use ensure-virtualenv
This ensures the virtualenv tool is available on all testing nodes.

Change-Id: Ic52a380dab9faa0f65d3c1ebe0bff6f69736e3cd
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 687919e2bd Add sibling container builds to experimental queue
These are required for the experimental container boot jobs

Change-Id: I16c27311adab09eafef747c1bba868115c000928
3 years ago
Zuul 8781c5d139 Merge "Add a focal test" 3 years ago
Zuul ba518d2553 Merge "Restore SUSE tests to gate" 3 years ago
Zuul b81e94e8f1 Merge "Switch functional tests to containers" 3 years ago
Zuul 8634b42e4d Merge "Bionic functional tests should be voting" 3 years ago
Ian Wienand dfdf04bf2d Add a focal test
This adds a boot test for the newly released Ubuntu Focal release.

Change-Id: If8976a3f99a02c8d85cd3818d8c77c75b60816d8
3 years ago
Zuul 534b799de8 Merge "pip-and-virtualenv : fix fedora 30 install" 3 years ago
Zuul 0d0a5909e7 Merge "yum-minimal: strip env vars in chroot calls" 3 years ago
Zuul 65fc9e1f7d Merge "Fix args to debuntu functional tests" 3 years ago
Ian Wienand 5fdc31ce8a Restore SUSE tests to gate
We can build SUSE in the container after the switch in

Let's start non-voting and promote when we feel it's stable.

Change-Id: Ibe997d3167dc918fcdb28cf065c50049943dd86a
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 5d899d97a0 Switch functional tests to containers
This switches the functional tests to container based build jobs.
This is mostly transparent for the existing build and boot jobs.

The release test is a bit interesting here.  The nodepool
container-based release job doesn't work in this context because it
doesn't have a way to also include dib from the zuul checkout into the
container -- ergo it's pointless to run in the dib gate.

We should probably reorganise the nodepool siblings job so it can
check some projects out from tags, then we could run something similar
to this with nodepool/openstacksdk/glean etc checked out from tags if
we want.

We can handle this in a future update so we can test these images
which we want to build in our production container asap.

Change-Id: Ieaf07438c145ba609d4d7b9a055e91b894eca6d9
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 90a21b84b5 Bionic functional tests should be voting
We now have a bionic(-ish ... buster debian image anyway) builder and
have moved some of the important tests (fedora, pip-and-virtualenv) to
here because they don't work on Xenial any more.  This should now be
voting so we don't miss anything.

Change-Id: I16d313e1dfa95707d996456da244667c38d6343f
3 years ago
Ian Wienand a8a5b1ac77 pip-and-virtualenv : fix fedora 30 install
This should be installing the python2 and python3 packages (that's
what pip-and-virtualenv is designed to do), but we dropped the +=
accidentally in ee9ad32b6f.

However, we've moved on anyway and after
I7a6a342461d6001c25e55638ba9b7438c28f2519 F31 doesn't support this
element.  fedora-latest is already updated to f31 in the opendev gate.
Remove the testing as it is no longer relevant.

Change-Id: Id696a90baa1eb05cb4c08501f8dac3665d395682
3 years ago
Ian Wienand df3ad26f58 yum-minimal: strip env vars in chroot calls
This showed up with dnf in containers when TMPDIR was set; dnf started
trying to write to this directory while in the chroot.

We already do stripping like this in run_in_target -- but this is a
bit of a unique place because it's actually setting up the initial
chroot so the target doesn't actually exist yet; so we just hard-code
it in place here.

Change-Id: If7310cb820846da903bf60daa4486c8bf7cb0136
3 years ago
Ian Wienand 99d5a8d219 Fix args to debuntu functional tests
Ia4dde1fb01da284a5e681237ab88c68fb9afcbef dropped these from the
generic job in nodepool, because they shouldn't apply to other distros
using the job like CentOS etc.  Add the required args back here to the
debuntu tests.

Change-Id: I3f9ae58f3aa534d65344d79d44b0b74368e329a8
3 years ago
Zuul eebb68b385 Merge "pip-and-virtualenv: drop f31 & tumbleweed, rework suse 15 install" 3 years ago
Ian Wienand 262281e5f7 Remove Trusty testing
Opendev has dropped trusty from the mirrors.  With no testing the
distribution is effectively unsupported, add a release note.  Update a
few other random doc bits (that are not really that up to date

Change-Id: I5bd0d0a94477cf8d84cef72f5d4b2e9e15ab9fd2
3 years ago
Ian Wienand ac7fba7040 pip-and-virtualenv: drop f31 & tumbleweed, rework suse 15 install
This is an alternative approach to commit
68bb43535e.  I think this proposes a
better overall solution that the prior change which had the Python 3
packages being installed, but did not specify the _do_py3 flag to do
the installation steps that redirect the various tool installations.

Fedora 31+ doesn't have python2, and Tumbleweed does have some Python
2 support but there seems to be no reason to bother updating this
element for either with infra very close to removing this completely
[1].  Error out on these platforms, and add a release note.

The 15 path should include the python2 and python3 packages, along
with the flags to do the "cleanup"; i.e. forced removal of distutils
packages that pip 10+ won't touch.  As mentioned in the original
change, the six package causes problems here, but we can clear that
too by explicitly listing it instead of letting it come in via
dependencies.  Again, this element will be removed from the infra 15
builds ASAP; but we can release with this to provide a roll-back point
if we need to revert the removal to fix things temporarily.

Add it to the testing path as well.


Change-Id: I7a6a342461d6001c25e55638ba9b7438c28f2519
3 years ago
Zuul 70d5f754a1 Merge "Remove Babel and any signs of translations" 3 years ago
Zuul b262e88443 Merge "Make ipa centos8 dib job voting" 3 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 97cadc4249 Remove Babel and any signs of translations
DIB does not currently have any translations or translatable strings,
so removing local configuration from setup.cfg.

Additionally, Babel is only required if you import it directly,
removing it as well.

Change-Id: I036de97641df38eef408290b50cecfe216c69f6d
3 years ago
Zuul 0445a5ce2b Merge "Add centos aarch64 tests" 3 years ago
Ian Wienand 3f823488c5 Add centos aarch64 tests
Change-Id: I2fffeeffa82c505a34c5c9972724b557f3b58975
3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 18e35893f7 Do not try to use MBR on AArch64
When I tried to build CentOS8 image for AArch64 I got error saying that
MBR is not supported. So make sure that it will not be used by default.

Change-Id: Ib67ab7f808d727c3c61932c540d398dbe723972f
3 years ago
Riccardo Pittau 716286117c Make ipa centos8 dib job voting
The ironic-python-agent-builder dib job based on centos8 is stable
since a while now.
We should make it voting to catch any possible issue on dib side.

Change-Id: I42dd81fa17de1130a3af7c031f9479e18790c350
3 years ago
Dirk Mueller 68bb43535e opensuse: fix python 2.x install
openSUSE Tumbleweed is dropping python2-* packages so we need
to stop intalling them. We can also stop installing those
for Leap 15. which avoids a pip uninstall issue (as python2-six
was still built with distribute).

Change-Id: Ie93c8addb26aab3d0154c4b5b52423799abede91
3 years ago
Zuul ac250e5ab0 Merge "centos 8 image build: fix mirror" 3 years ago
Zuul f6aeae70c1 Merge "run_functests: handle build without tar" 3 years ago
Zuul dc67ccfe12 Merge "Mellanox element: removed ibutils,libibcm,libmlx4-dev" 3 years ago