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Ian Wienand 0c94eef7be Revert "dib-lint: use yamllint to parse YAML files"
This reverts commit 6ee2995214 and

I missed that if you pip install and then run dib-lint, it's not going
to pick up the .yamllint file shipped here.  Thus it gives spurious

The reason for this was simply better duplicate key detection in yaml
files, which caused us problems with the kernel installs.  However, at
this point it seems just the old "does it load" test from pyyaml will
be enough.

Change-Id: I87a9fc9bb119cfeffad48fc0fa0df31f0181825d
3 years ago
block_device block device: update variable name 3 years ago
elements Revert "dib-lint: use yamllint to parse YAML files" 3 years ago
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