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Andreas Jaeger e7885499dd Cleanup py27 and docs support
This repo is now testing only with Python 3, so let's make
a few cleanups:
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg
- Update classifiers
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Cleanup doc/source/ to remove now obsolete content,
  use sphinxcontrib.apidoc to build module index again (this
  seems to have been broken when switching to sphinx-build).
- Remove install_command from tox.ini, the default is fine
- Update tox.ini for python3 only support.

Change-Id: Id8738ecfb0f578d2a7953c63ffe10779f835bcaf
3 years ago
lib Make the build reproducible 5 years ago
source Cleanup py27 and docs support 3 years ago
requirements.txt Cleanup py27 and docs support 3 years ago