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Ian Wienand 92b5b84c0d run_functests: handle build without tar
It seems this code does not consider that you might set
test-output-formats with only "qcow2" -- it currently also tries to
inspect a .tar output.

Skip if tar isn't in the output format list, and fall through to
passing so both paths are considered success, only exiting if there is
a failure.

Change-Id: Ia21dbfd298d04b04ec02dfe76a0acd7c9a7a31f2
3 years ago
elements/fake-os tests/elements/fake-os: add '/tmp' as top level dir 7 years ago
README.rst Rework functional test runner 7 years ago Move several packages to bindep.txt 5 years ago Ignore missing path in unmount_dir 6 years ago run_functests: handle build without tar 3 years ago Remove use of 'which'. 6 years ago


DIB Testing

There are several interfaces for testing various parts of DIB

  • : run unit-tests for internal

    diskimage-builder library functions

  • : run functional testing provided by elements
  • : run a test of image conversion

    (requires docker)