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Ghanshyam Mann 031814a7bd Moving IRC network reference to OFTC
Change-Id: Ib811fb321d18fc01f3786f8b3ab16b2eda558864
2 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 1134f57e1f Revert "Prepare transitional DOA package"
This reverts commit aa06f462a6.

We finally did not release the transitional package,
so the previous commit has no meaning.

Change-Id: I03f53dc45ec5c425863ac7278f2fb1a0d9a298f2
5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki aa06f462a6 Prepare transitional DOA package
It was suggested to create a new major version (which will be 4.0.0)
of DOA as a transitional package to stop providing any module itself.

Queens release of horizon is planned to depend on the new DOA release.

Part of blueprint merge-openstack-auth
Change-Id: I3776fedcf21c1b4d669fede478f58518d489f0ef
5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 2baea728dd Retire project
In Queens development cycle, openstack_auth code was merged
into the horizon repository.

blueprint merge-openstack-auth

Change-Id: I74b10a90fe79fc768cfb8de6f68d3cd2f4938e51
6 years ago
Monty Taylor afad771fff Add OpenStack .gitreview file
Change-Id: I42b0dc944cc6c838f0dd2eabcf90b133311f9159
10 years ago