751 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrey Pavlov c3e30fbaf6 change error message for glance client 2 weeks ago
  Jake Yip 5446a54a65 Ignore floating ips not attached to instances 4 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 96756ff916 fix tox python3 overrides 6 months ago
  Tyler Parcell e4ff745d0e Added EC2 API Import Image support (via RegisterImage EC2 API call) 10 months ago
  chenghuiyu c65cb663de Fix usage of isotime 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov 38b882d97d synchronize default vpc creation across threads 1 year ago
  ghanshyam f5983d7cdc Remove intree ec2-api tempest tests 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov 66a5333f1b skip addresses tests due to novaclient changes 1 year ago
  melissaml 398a5af885 Drop all qpid related explanations 1 year ago
  ghanshyam 9ed1c1f830 Switch ec2 neutron-full job to use ec2api tempest plugin 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov 1a43b6a1c3 add ssl_ca_cert option to check client cert 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov 5fc752ca6f remove deprecated options 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov 417b02df65 fix DB migration for MySQL 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov fce377c0ba handle new volume's status "reserved" 1 year ago
  tikitavi 22af51cc1c remove unused configuration options 1 year ago
  Stefan Nica 1dad720ef5 fix ec2-api-metadata memcached overlap with nova-api 1 year ago
  Gage Hugo 6e99a751b2 Correct import of keystoneauth1 session 1 year ago
  Stefan Nica 41823a515d Fix test_check_simple_image_attributes to pass with AMI images 1 year ago
  Andrey Pavlov 7af41603a5 Use botocore in API instead of boto 2 years ago
  tikitavi a9dd2c38a0 fix comparision of security group rules 1 year ago
  tikitavi 8104481c84 Remove code that used nova-cert 1 year ago
  tikitavi 11b76a8812 fix register_image function 1 year ago
  Ngo Quoc Cuong 90ed02d682 Delete log translation functions and add hacking rule 1 year ago
  tikitavi 907de91b55 turn on disable_ec2_classic in devstack installation 1 year ago
  tikitavi 7939ce17e4 add using cache to metadata 1 year ago
  tikitavi 169db23ae6 minor fix to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/466115/ 1 year ago
  tikitavi 20f65fac2d fix ec2-api after deprecation of nova-network functions in novaclient 1 year ago
  Ngo Quoc Cuong 7e28af2fcb Remove the deprecated tempest.test.attr 1 year ago
  Ngo Quoc Cuong 335a0eb4ad Remove log translations 1 year ago
  M V P Nitesh 1cde1a7fe8 Replace six.iteritems() with .items() 2 years ago
  Jake Yip 6b3c283894 Using neutron engine in security groups describe. 2 years ago
  Andrey Pavlov 6d30c69895 use glanceclient version '2'. fix keystone error message. 2 years ago
  Ken'ichi Ohmichi 476c1a9a86 Switch to use stable remote_client 2 years ago
  Ken'ichi Ohmichi 824db94f5e Switch to use stable data_utils 2 years ago
  tikitavi 0ee47eb58e small fixes to default vpc implementation 2 years ago
  tikitavi 439adcfd08 Changes in address in default VPC mode 2 years ago
  tikitavi 0d4f7ede86 add unit tests for create, delete security group and authorize 2 years ago
  tikitavi 61daf6a80f describe-security-groups by name in default VPC mode describes 2 years ago
  tikitavi 6078fdccda Changes in security groups in default VPC mode 2 years ago
  tikitavi df67b88930 add instance in default-vpc by security-group-name 2 years ago
  Anh Tran 3454a21219 Typo-fix: occured => occurred 2 years ago
  tikitavi ead353712e Create new instance by default in default vpc 2 years ago
  tikitavi ec3a7780b6 Create default vpc during describe security groups 2 years ago
  tikitavi 441c19f8d2 add account attributes to disabled ec2-classic mode 2 years ago
  tikitavi 8fc0ad70bc config option for default VPC 2 years ago
  tikitavi 5cb1921b84 rework test for _create_vpc 2 years ago
  tikitavi ceefcd8237 add default route to route table of default vpc 2 years ago
  tikitavi 79f85e857d reworked unit tests 2 years ago
  tikitavi 40a71dd7f1 Create internet gateway for default VPC 2 years ago
  tikitavi f245fbcf6a Create default VPC during describe route tables 2 years ago