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  1. hi,
  2. this is my self-nomination to be the (interim) PTL of Telemetry for the Queens
  3. cycle.
  4. quite frankly, due to lack of resources spread across a large domain, the
  5. project is what it is. we've added new meters, fixed bugs, simplified code
  6. but really nothing to write home about. as it stands all resources are being
  7. applied to Gnocchi so we have one project covered 60% rather than 4 projects
  8. covered 15%.
  9. this is the reality of the Telemetry project.
  10. it has the framework to gather data from sources. if you want to add a new
  11. meter for your service: edit a yaml file, add some attributes, done. if you
  12. have something a bit more complicated: look through code, copy a pollster,
  13. paste, edit, done. this seems to have worked well given the outside
  14. contributions we received.
  15. it has the framework to store and query events. functionality that has been
  16. described as 'works well enough'.
  17. it has the framework to define alarms with integration to Heat, Zaqar.
  18. (functionality we plan to move to Gnocchi[1])
  19. you may be wondering why i used interim in my opening statement. i honestly may
  20. not have the time to be PTL. in other words, i will hold PTL ceremoniously
  21. until another volunteer rides in who is more ambitious. in the meantime, the
  22. minimal PTL duties that exist will spread across the current contributors.
  23. formally, i have zero plans for Aodh, Ceilometer, and Panko aside from
  24. maintenance. i will let the community decide what happens. i will support
  25. anyone who wants to contribute their requirements to it. if you have questions,
  26. issues, or requests, ask on the mailing list.
  27. [1]