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  Ghanshyam Mann dc8d5f6782 Cleanup the retired repo 1 month ago
  Anne Gentle cd8f1e82b4 Retire fairy-slipper API doc tools project 3 years ago
  Jenkins f0b28704a5 Merge "Remove discover from test-requirements" 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 16519c4c7e Enable release notes translation 4 years ago
  Swapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) 3b4ba0687f Remove discover from test-requirements 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw afab61d77c Create .inc files for rst publishing 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw a9aa207d72 Create yaml files, publish rst 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 3d6c7af515 Convert rst descriptions to md 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle fa666c0ade Adds release notes for added migration features 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw a364fc3b1b Update method names with x- prefix 4 years ago
  Jenkins ba4fd1e238 Merge "Handle other status codes" 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 6b45654a76 Handle other status codes 4 years ago
  Jenkins df9b2aacd2 Merge "Fix venv path" 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw d57fa5841d Fix request example field 4 years ago
  Yushiro FURUKAWA 271e8c46c5 Fix venv path 4 years ago
  Jenkins 877a0877d3 Merge "Updates to swagger_to_rst template" 4 years ago
  venkatamahesh 469e5b6dd2 Update the launchpad bug link in CONTRIBUTING.rst 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw de0b437563 Updates to swagger_to_rst template 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 1b8719f98b Adds initial release notes entry to release 0.1.0 4 years ago
  Jenkins 41d86a85a3 Merge "Adds releasenotes using the reno tool" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 69fff19a90 Merge "Updates README file now that tool is in OpenStack org" 4 years ago
  Jenkins 83d0e5853d Merge "More updates for generating valid swagger" 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 250acd6141 Adds releasenotes using the reno tool 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 7153280098 Updates README file now that tool is in OpenStack org 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw fc8330cf0f More updates for generating valid swagger 4 years ago
  Jenkins d72c037d7d Merge "Fix project URLs" 4 years ago
  Ken'ichi Ohmichi e7530bcfb1 Fix project URLs 4 years ago
  Ken'ichi Ohmichi dd69f4d26c Remove py33 test 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 42ea9b9bc2 Fix gitreview file 4 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger c5ed51d3fc Fix pep8 violations 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 9eee45ea53 Updates for generating valid swagger. 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle ffeb69baed Merge pull request #68 from annegentle/defaults 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle cf1a1a2d4a Adds / for basePath and developer.openstack.org for host 4 years ago
  Russell Sim fafb0a4a8a Skip calls that don't exist 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 3e7b506f77 Fix for issue #47. 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 52135c8142 Fix for issue #54. 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle e53cb209b0 Merge pull request #51 from annegentle/trim-swagger 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 6aca1d5997 Removes schemes and securityDefinitions objects from Swagger output 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 5235f682a8 Merge pull request #48 from russell/moar-docs 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 173040ce98 Fix for issue #43, processing of 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 24bb1beb45 Fills out outline for how-to and concept articles in API Guides 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 69173f57b4 Merge pull request #45 from russell/docs-docs 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 2ed888aae0 Merge branch 'docs-docs' of https://github.com/russell/fairy-slipper into docs-docs 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 9caf615321 Filling out usage docs further 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle 65897e69f8 Filling out usage docs further 4 years ago
  Anne Gentle cc23092e5d Starts documenting the how-to for OpenStack docs 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 73cf925b3b Pep8 fixes. 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 7312405937 Partial fix for issue #43, 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw c77846fce3 Adds check for response obj creation in responseschema. 4 years ago
  Karen Bradshaw 060b3283b6 Generate link to response schema, #42. 4 years ago