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  wangyayan 2a421be616 Add placeholder for Train specs 5 months ago
  gengchc2 175ca4e74e Modify the describe about sftp 5 months ago
  gengchc2 14d4bc18f4 Add ftp(s) support for freezer 5 months ago
  gecong1973 83011b4e76 Added Stein directory for stein specs 6 months ago
  sunjiazz 2c11b046fe Update doc links according to OpenStack document migration 1 year ago
  Pengju Jiao 6211da5ceb Use botocore instead of boto3 1 year ago
  Pengju Jiao 8879e781ad Increase s3 driver support 1 year ago
  Vitaliy 3fe70bec73 Change assignee for puppet spec 2 years ago
  Vitalii Nogin d5d5caa0dd Freezer puppet manifests spec 2 years ago
  Saad Zaher d0f312f15d Added Pike directory for pike specs 2 years ago
  Norbert Sana c67f1e159a Migrating to relational db from ES 2 years ago
  Fausto Marzi 810206fc84 Cinder volumes backup using os-brick from Freezer 2 years ago
  Ruslan Aliev a853067a13 Block based backup support (rsync) 2 years ago
  Vitaliy 55557ec2ff Create relevant files for Ocata 2 years ago
  Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU 8b2d3579fc Initialization of the freezer-specs repo 2 years ago