15 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  chao liu e9e2a3769c use . instead of source. 1 year ago
  lvdongbing 601e54496d Remove unused code about FREEZER_WEB_UI_DIR in devstack plugin 1 year ago
  yfzhao 3aab708a35 Fix the wrong links 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher c5599b9da0 Run normal tests instead of tempest tests in gate jobs 2 years ago
  Saad Zaher 9092213aa7 Install python-freezerclient while using devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Saad Zaher da003a7697 Added gate_hook.sh to devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Jin Nan Zhang 1d3e97348f Fixed freezer-web-ui directory when install 3 years ago
  Jin Nan Zhang 2d0e1bd479 fixed incorrect directory install freezer-web-ui 3 years ago
  Jin Nan Zhang ea51d7de62 This is incorrect url in example doc and conf 3 years ago
  Jin Nan Zhang e74af2a026 fixed compilemessages error when install use devstack 3 years ago
  memo b08558eba4 Improved horizon dashboard for freezer 3 years ago
  memo 26f1deb396 Added LICENSE file to freezer dashboard 3 years ago
  Fabrizio Vanni ef91bf5647 devstack plugin interface 3 years ago