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  Cai Hui e932639c17 Update mailinglist from dev to discuss 4 months ago
  LeopardMa 89a25b80d6 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 4 months ago
  Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU f3fb4cf3a1 Remove warning-is-error from setup.cfg to fix release 1 year ago
  Van Hung Pham 5e05999448 Correcting author 1 year ago
  DeepaJon 0e444edaf8 Enable warnings as errors 2 years ago
  kavithahr 2b4ab9276e The Python 3.5 is added 2 years ago
  zhurong 4fe2ed3a28 Fix jenkins failed 2 years ago
  Fausto Marzi 4c5ee4ca57 Add Sphinx doc build 3 years ago
  Erno Kuvaja 3c55df31d2 Fix versions for Liberty 3 years ago
  Fausto Marzi 6a031fb07e Bumping version for release kilo and pypi release 3 years ago
  memo b08558eba4 Improved horizon dashboard for freezer 3 years ago
  memo 571887fb0b Prepare setup.py to use wheel 3 years ago
  Jonas Pfannschmidt 5ba40fa4e0 First version of setup.py 3 years ago