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Ghanshyam Mann 750dac7f2a Drop lower-constraints.txt and its testing
As discussed in TC PTG[1] and TC resolution[2], we are
dropping the lower-constraints.txt file and its testing.
We will keep lower bounds in the requirements.txt file but
with a note that these are not tested lower bounds and we
try our best to keep them updated.


Change-Id: I429e40d21c075de3b8666dc60c878378acfba5e1
1 year ago
manchandavishal 833a40b7b7 Drop Django 1.11 support
Django 1.11 ends its extended support in April 2020 (which is before
Ussuri release), so horizon drops Django 1.11 support in Ussuri.

tox envs for non-primary Django versions are no longer needed in tox.ini
as testing environments for non-primary Django versions are setup in
the zuul jobs now.

horizon>=17.1.0 is required to use Django 2.2. requirements.txt and
lower-constraints.txt are updated accordingly. for more info. please
refer [1].

Change-Id: I499c5f2fb06caa70c939b6e503f65c14c2c2e474
3 years ago
Cai Hui 6763ff9a59 Use freezerclient.client to support v1 or v2
The python-freezerclient 2.0.0 is released now. We can directly use
freezerclinent.client to support api v1 or v2.

Change-Id: I30ad8694d137e0fab081b0f8ded842caa723c86f
5 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 2c76fee688 Drop nose dependencies
Horizon test setting no longer depends on nose and related stuffs.
This commit cleans up nose related dependencies.

The change was made in horizon Rocky-3,
so horizon is required at least.

Also drops unnecessary Django dependencies. There is no need to
install Django explicitly as it is a horizon dependency.

The lower bound of oslo.log is added to pass requirements-check job.
The new lower bound is picked up from lower-constraints.txt.

Change-Id: I32978c11b54ba22a64109cfee1167f473d353373
5 years ago
Ivan Kolodyazhny f2feb0f056 Use Horizon UT framework
Let's use Horizon unit-tests framework where it's
possible to have better cross-project integration.

Related blueprint: improve-horizon-testing

Change-Id: Ibfe2c062c54563e2bd35410459be8b5c7b2d550e
5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 90cd934684 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I632e4c57f4cebd24e921a7ef8334af2d4c366329
5 years ago
Zuul eb356224ee Merge "Install horizon from git" 5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot ae6f356c38 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ie2dff96d22c1bef9ea49ba0b53cda5f0814ce4f3
5 years ago
Andreas Jaeger e2d1f48fd8 Install horizon from git
Install horizon in OpenStack CI from git instead of using tarball, this
allows depends-on to work.

Update tox.ini and requirements.txt for proper setup.

Change-Id: I473a7d378926f9583d695d78da661f58f03ce30e
5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot e2dd94b8e1 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I2a2f282131abce51da860910841b17f5996d73a1
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot e779891638 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I7e8d06ff7c96be2565f6b5090364e5c950ff190a
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 610687fdfd Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ic57a251cc004523ee0898c3c759e12cf27b7f9cd
6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 983aa78d37 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I7cd9bd93477b658f657fc1542e4209f1311d777e
6 years ago
Ruslan Aliev b81b540c27 Switch to python-freezerclient
freezer-web-ui needs to be switched to python-freezerclient
in the same way as freezer. freezer.apiclient is no longer

Change-Id: Icba3e628f7b1e9305b556609bf55676a776ecfa5
Implements: blueprint switch-to-python-freezer-client
Closes-Bug: #1643950
Signed-off-by: Ruslan Aliev <>
7 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot ddd7867370 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ic1726f962811f4b348050abed2322a5cc48befca
7 years ago
Fausto Marzi 5bac281fcc Align requirements to liberty global-requirements
Change-Id: I00ced6fec4b1748cd64425dd449fa0fd9f848630
7 years ago
memo b08558eba4 Improved horizon dashboard for freezer
action, job, session, backup, clients are now objects in
shield decorator to avoid having boilerplate code in views
move from freezer_ui to disaster_recovery url
improved actions edition in a job
javascript lint
added clients panel
added actions panel
improved restore functionality from the dashboard

Change-Id: I23aed516bcde3a40b24144b05f858d1e3a49a796
8 years ago
memo 544dc999a8 Add freezer as a dependency from source
Change-Id: I553632f5613a79a9d4f30bb98e2f61ce9865fbab
8 years ago
memo d4c7b4d2f0 Fix minor bugs in freezer dashboard
freezer dashboard now handles slashes in the dynamic urls
improve resilience of backup table
updated backup_id encoding when it contains slash or back slash

Change-Id: I66e6973e5b55cd8845ec90413867fe5694f1433a
8 years ago
memo f75bd1c7c7 Prepare UI for split
fixed paths to support new repo layout
modified tox file

Change-Id: Ibbe087cc4e0ae02b890824b4a559a9dd0c0a0a49
8 years ago
Memo Garcia 0e57eda384 Improve installation docs for freezer dashboard
Change-Id: I7a3e858e4dbbb6d41e1704ddbe004a8aeb9f9728
8 years ago