Horizon Web interface for Freezer backup, restore and disaster recovery platform
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babel-djangojs.cfg 559B

  1. [extractors]
  2. # We use a custom extractor to find translatable strings in AngularJS
  3. # templates. The extractor is included in horizon.utils for now.
  4. # See http://babel.pocoo.org/docs/messages/#referencing-extraction-methods for
  5. # details on how this works.
  6. angular = horizon.utils.babel_extract_angular:extract_angular
  7. [javascript: **.js]
  8. # We need to look into all static folders for HTML files.
  9. # The **/static ensures that we also search within
  10. # .../dashboards/XYZ/static which will ensure
  11. # that plugins are also translated.
  12. [angular: **/static/**.html]