Fix parsing config file for freezer job

Config parsers do not guess datatypes of values
in configuration files, always storing them internally
as strings. This means that we need to convert booleans, as
they are parsed as Strings from config file.

This patch is fixing typo from my previous commit where
None is needed to remove from second if clause as it is
already in first if clause and option_value should be False.

Change-Id: Id60e75b5f999b70626addaf47b4abd1ad15555d6
Michal Arbet 4 years ago
parent 4ff7674029
commit bcaac1e3c1

@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ class Config(object):
option_value = config.get(section, option)
if option_value in ('False', 'false', 'None'):
option_value = False
if option_value in ('True', 'true', 'None'):
elif option_value in ('True', 'true'):
option_value = True
dict[option] = option_value
if section.startswith("storage:"):