The script name displayed is separated by spaces when the exec job is abnormal;

such as,when i execute 'freezer-agent --action exec --command /home/',
reported error:while executing script / h o m e / b a c k u p . s h return code was 1 instead of 0

Change-Id: Iea2f04af8672b3abd4f684b7cb5120a9e1b77cf9
lu-meihong 4 years ago committed by lumeihong
parent 09262f137f
commit f8f1b59b7b

@ -49,5 +49,5 @@ def popen_call(sub_cmd, input, is_last_process):
if rc != 0:
raise Exception('Error: while executing script '
'%s return code was %d instead of 0'
% (' '.join(sub_cmd), rc))
% (''.join(sub_cmd), rc))
return process