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  Cai Hui b21e8cd4f7 In default mode , disable "debug" 5 months ago
  Saad Zaher 075362ed70 Freezer-scheduler support both APIs 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher 30a9a1c382 Use dedicate log file for freezer-scheduler 1 year ago
  ghanshyam c0989170b9 Remove use of unsupported TEMPEST_SERVICES variable 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher 3bbebaa416 Fix gate jobs 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher 21ce94194b Move legacy freezer dsvm job to freezer project 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher 0c8406cce4 Fix Devstack gate job and Documentation issues 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher 95b49ffa24 Updating install-guide docs 1 year ago
  melissaml df3f6fc906 Update URLs in documents according to document migration 1 year ago
  Saad Zaher 82ad70c8a8 Enable Debugging while running dsvm 2 years ago
  yfzhao 7202321ab6 Optimize the link address 2 years ago
  kavithahr cacfd4f4f5 Update local.conf.example 2 years ago
  Shangzhong Zhu 96e856a0bd Create directory JOBS_DIR using the devstack script 2 years ago
  Tim Buckley 9aa34db7fe Always collect freezer.log when tests fail 2 years ago
  Tim Buckley 836f94c787 Fix devstack-dsvm failure reporting 2 years ago
  Jonas Pfannschmidt 8b8c766ed4 First scenario test 2 years ago
  yangyapeng 305067ac33 Change $USER to $STACK_USER 3 years ago
  Deklan Dieterly 219fb2b4d7 Start to introduce tempest tests. 3 years ago
  yangyapeng e1fa8066ba Modify the function configure_freezer_scheduler 3 years ago
  Jin Nan Zhang a1c89ba75c incorrect enable plugin url in doc 3 years ago
  yangyapeng 05a86e2edf Fix a mistake about function for install_freezer 3 years ago
  yangyapeng 1da385c585 Increase the Freezer devstack steps 3 years ago
  yangyapeng 12d790ef48 Fix a mistake in 'plugin.sh' 3 years ago
  yangyapeng 2b19697be5 Change Freezer repo_url from stackforge to openstack 3 years ago
  Fausto Marzi 2ee22e041d Adding devstack plugin for freezer gate job 3 years ago