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caihui 02e435f0ed Remove six usage from freezer package
We don't support Python 2 anymore so we don't need this
compatibility library.

This patch remove six usage.

Change-Id: I661e9cdaf33e89bdb905d1f34a001f3853c4c366
3 years ago
gecong1973 76a42bd162 [WIP] Add the backup and restore of glance image
Currently, Freezer doesn't support image backup and restore,
It is necessary for us to increase support for image backup and

Implements: bp Add-support-for-glance-image-backup
Co-authored-by: gengchc2 <>
Change-Id: I2a3ce511aa3c5357799a97babbe3eb0a3818fdfd
Story: #2005855
Task: #33648
4 years ago
yangyapeng 295138dafd Add cindernative mode to backup volume
Change-Id: I1ec7807cdcbf463a23f5d33e1c06157c7a691ccd
6 years ago
Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU c385a7953a Remove deprecated code
And deprecates freezer-scheduler cli, use python-freezerclient

Change-Id: I2960b1f21758a47e11a9df1723a962b745474bd8
7 years ago
Saad Zaher 83eff55604 Fix Cinder Backups
Change-Id: I48d8a8f91f8373f7e3b127ec0c4c686094642ccb
dpeneds-on: Iea7f5fb0d0fb42d95e6c24d6d63693e272af3992
Closes-Bug: #1615461
7 years ago
Saad Zaher 7658243238 Fixed nova backup and restore
Change-Id: Iea7f5fb0d0fb42d95e6c24d6d63693e272af3992
Closes-Bug: #1615461
7 years ago
Cao Xuan Hoang 6e77d8064b TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused
This patch removes logging import unused in

Change-Id: I78db3a199f441f97e7df25f5ac1826e5091f6adc
7 years ago
Jenkins 2f24f400c8 Merge "Fix the failure of loading the instance of MongoDbMode" 7 years ago
Deklan Dieterly 00db2b0d95 Fix Freezer Agent Logging
Standardize on oslo.log.
Log exception stack traces where appropriate.
Add logging to all files.
Remove '[*]' from log messages.
Log command line arguments at Freezer Agent start
so that errors can be traced to specific invocations.

Leave scheduler module mostly unchanged because it
is doing python logging configuration.

Change-Id: I23de0558409e63978303963d592a4e5ee4dee2b5
7 years ago
zengchen f41b6130ae Fix the failure of loading the instance of MongoDbMode
It is failed to load instance of MongoDbMode when the mode is 'mongo' and
loading the mode instance at BackupJob.execute_method. Because the
mod_name=freezer.mode.mongo.MongoMode is not exist, the current
mod_name=freezer.mode.mongo.MongoDbMode. It needs to change the class name
of MongoDbMode to MongoMode

Change-Id: I687f411c98bc1841df5e60937ed87078eae405d6
Closes-Bug: #1589788
7 years ago
eldar nugaev 7c0f5bce69 Rename mode default to fs
Change-Id: Icc51b93f8658ff6fb725d7a639405979eaae2c93
7 years ago
eldar nugaev c01d7c0a72 Refactoring of code:
1) new snapshot module with code vss,
lvm and part of -
create_snapshot and remove_snapshot

This module should contain all code related shadow,
vss and any new snapshots.

2) new openstack module with code from osclient,
restore and backup (BackupOS)

This module should contain code related to cinder/nova backups

3) new utils module with code from utils, win_utils,
bandwidth, config, exec_cmd, validator, streaming

This module should containd code related to anything
that cannot be extracted to its own module

4) new test modules - snapshot, utils, openstack and apiclient.

Test scheduler daemon is now located in scheduler module.

5) is deleted and code placed to
openstack.backup (BackupOS) and to job.BackupJob

Change-Id: I46194b40b3a65c15b6095cfb7388dcfd30d95997
7 years ago
eldar nugaev e001119d9e Refactoring of mysql, msserver and mongo code.
Implements blueprint: application-hook-refactoring

Change-Id: I6df7ae22ec17479dc926cc4e764091487544b5fb
7 years ago