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Fausto Marzi 5584178861 Updating HP Copyright label
Change-Id: Ie468e9d2e0853a77043342251b814784a839efb9
8 years ago
eldar nugaev f66f4ada4e Pluggable storages
Implements blueprint: preparation-pluggable-storages

Change-Id: I044c533102ba31f1acd2c89ed2d0a70578d1b991
8 years ago
Memo Garcia 2be468138f Windows support for freezer
Backups for SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB and filesystem on windows using
shadow copies (vssadmin), tar compression and encryption using openssl and tar..

Change-Id: I1f68e012f28891c19e4d94352511ec968382c8e2
Implements: blueprint add-windows-support-for-backup-and-restore
8 years ago