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Haosheng He d199ac6732 fixed an issue that null string exists in mountpoint list
In function snapshot.lvm.get_lvm_info(), filter null string members
before return the mountpoint list.

Change-Id: Iae07dd081cafe92fa63c90a0d4bf967ec7206ea5
3 years ago
Zuul 7c4eb63c6f Merge "lvm backup: calculate path_to_backup after volume is mounted" 5 years ago
Chen 98ea424f39 lvm-backup: Normalize path when comparing current path and mount point
Before umounting and removing lvm volume, we need to make sure we are
not within the mount point that is to be removed.
Previous logic lacks consideration that path can have parts like
trailing slashes, which could end up skipping changing dir when it is
This patch proposes to normalize the path before doing the check to
avoid such mistakes.

Closes-Bug: #1799334
Story: 2004153
Task: 27625
Change-Id: Iaa8c8ff523b1d29a1addeaa3d802053d63aba80a
5 years ago
Chen 1bfbfc3a7a lvm backup: calculate path_to_backup after volume is mounted
For the time being, the path_to_backup for backup with lvm snapshot
is not taken directly from --path-to-backup parameter, but adjusted
according the mount info of the corresponding volume hinted by that
parameter. However this info is inferred before the volume is actually
mounted so it tends to be inaccuate and leads to errors.

So do the calculation after volume mounting instead.

Change-Id: I0d7f3125520aa27ba1d2d94ff52e3cc0eea4916c
Closes-Bug: #1799183
Story: 2004152
Task: 27623
5 years ago
David Rabel 9f8d6c382e Fix license boilerplates
license boilerplates as docstring are included in automatically
generated documentation which leads to wrong formatting.

For example the indented hyperlink to the license is formatted as

Change-Id: I9d6088ab48d6787f29b593bfa5445b6a84e99de7
5 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 037cf3fa81 Fix doc build warnings
Enable treading warnings as errors so that no new broken stuff gets
merged. Remove obsolete way of doing it, it's a nop.

Fix bugs found:
* Add missing sphinx modules to properly generate content.
* Misformatting of comments and files
* Do not index the windows modules, they import modules that do not
  exist on Linux.
* Place api docs in reference/api according to
  and reference it. Update .gitignore for this.
* Include missing files in tree.

Change-Id: I57d3124ac9571f189cd0e10e4cf7e805b8e09045
6 years ago
zhangguoqing 0c8f5ae305 Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid()
Openstack common has a wrapper for generating uuids. We should
use that function when generating uuids for consistency.

Change-Id: Ide5cdaf48a27e9c080fd8691b100a601f82ca2bf
Closes-Bug: #1082248
6 years ago
Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU e645c4cb29 Fixing lvm snapshot mountpoint
Lvm snapshot mountpoint should be in
/var/lib/freezer rather than /var/lib

Change-Id: Ice081f87c15405a9e6e7d88cb708c355d272d86a
7 years ago
Cao Xuan Hoang 6e77d8064b TrivialFix: Remove logging import unused
This patch removes logging import unused in

Change-Id: I78db3a199f441f97e7df25f5ac1826e5091f6adc
7 years ago
Jenkins a825d6468c Merge "Fix typo in the file" 7 years ago
Saad Zaher 9c94d30334 Freezer metadata part2
Change-Id: I9a6febb0ce427630c3e6602047613d6804b360dd
Implements-blueprint: freezer-metadata
7 years ago
liujiong 659de1791b Fix typo in the file
Change-Id: I1b8eadbb116db8c8fd535d4937c48faaf388a869
7 years ago
Deklan Dieterly 00db2b0d95 Fix Freezer Agent Logging
Standardize on oslo.log.
Log exception stack traces where appropriate.
Add logging to all files.
Remove '[*]' from log messages.
Log command line arguments at Freezer Agent start
so that errors can be traced to specific invocations.

Leave scheduler module mostly unchanged because it
is doing python logging configuration.

Change-Id: I23de0558409e63978303963d592a4e5ee4dee2b5
7 years ago
Jenkins c682addec0 Merge "Fix LVM mountpoint issues." 7 years ago
Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU bf1754281a Fix LVM mountpoint issues.
Closes-Bug: #1596533

Change-Id: Ied04f10e5b63c6f3742918b004185a66d3ccc4e3
7 years ago
Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU 7fa0e6adb6 Fix bug with snapshot removal
Change-Id: Ib869e0b721976b75e6d96da6003580bf9efbdc25
Closes-Bug: #1482603
7 years ago
Deklan Dieterly 694c98e063 Fix tox.ini file
Remove select line in tox.ini.
Currently checks are not being run.
Run pep8 checks.
Fix code to pass pep8 checks.

Change-Id: Iacef4386b1214f95b1bd106c17a5f714f948a1a1
Closes-Bug: #1593452
7 years ago
yangyapeng 9cddf838a3 Delete Invalid variable
Change-Id: Ibfaaae8768e6f2f5636904d190c3397b1a253c20
Closes-Bug: #1587713
7 years ago
eldar nugaev 04de1570f7 Remove auto_snap
Change-Id: I6dd80297d82ee96ef26b4717017157d49047ec11
7 years ago
Pierre-Arthur MATHIEU be17aa386d Allow the user to use percentage on lvm snapsize
If a '%' is part of the freezer option --lvm-snapsize
--extends option will be used instead of --size for the snapshot.

Change-Id: Iffe579c01c385fcea215639cf445f56d3403e9a5
Implements: lvm-size-percentage
7 years ago
eldar nugaev c01d7c0a72 Refactoring of code:
1) new snapshot module with code vss,
lvm and part of -
create_snapshot and remove_snapshot

This module should contain all code related shadow,
vss and any new snapshots.

2) new openstack module with code from osclient,
restore and backup (BackupOS)

This module should contain code related to cinder/nova backups

3) new utils module with code from utils, win_utils,
bandwidth, config, exec_cmd, validator, streaming

This module should containd code related to anything
that cannot be extracted to its own module

4) new test modules - snapshot, utils, openstack and apiclient.

Test scheduler daemon is now located in scheduler module.

5) is deleted and code placed to
openstack.backup (BackupOS) and to job.BackupJob

Change-Id: I46194b40b3a65c15b6095cfb7388dcfd30d95997
7 years ago